Endurance – Space Action: Rescue your friends in an adventure RPG

Among the new games that have been getting good responses this quarantine, Endurance – Space Action is one game that has been getting the best reviews in the market. Endurance – Space Action is a free-to-play story-driven action-packed game. The game gives access to lots of guns, hordes of different enemies, huge variate of levels, and super intense game-play with horror ambiance and sci-fi movie references. In this article, we discuss the game in the form of a short review.

About Endurance – Space Action

The game is a mix of an action-adventure RPG. Endurance – Space Action is developed by Ivan Panasenko. The story takes you to events that had happened before the developer’s original game and a hit, Ailment. The journey between the main character and his friend through the whole laboratory spaceship is termed, Endurance. The mission to find out how the virus, that made crew members attack each other appeared in the first place and how it spread out.

Gameplay overview

The graphics aren’t high quality, but it is what makes the game fun. The overall game is designed in such a way that the quality of the game matches the games in Pocket Consoles. You can choose the difficulty of your wish at the start of your game. Endurance – Space Action revolves around the character you chose, so you get to roam around the spaceship, where the game digs deeper when you unlock several levels. The game has a very simple UI, not much trickery into it. Any player will easily understand the indications. Another major plus point is the simple controls. They are really easy to work on, which makes the game overall enjoyable.

Endurance - Space Action
In-game action

Options of your character optimization are also on the same screen, so make it easy to access. Since the game has interactive characters, these will help you drop some clues in the latter part of the game. The background gets you a feel of a Sci-Fi mystery game, so the box is ticked in the department the game initially promised to be off.

In-game items

The game doesn’t have a complicated approach to its items within. Endurance – Space Action does have a lot of guns that you will get access to, once you lock them one by one after going through levels. Accessing guns can be made by game credits available. There are plenty of maps that you are going to explore. These are long and lengthy maps, and unlocking gates to access parts will require some roaming. At higher levels, you can also obtain an option for vests.

Endurance - Space Action
Interactive gameplay

Characters have their stats; some are either favored offensively or defensively. You can check them while selecting your character, depending on your interest. Their stats will get a boost when you clear missions one by one. This helps you while taking on the bigger bosses.

Our verdict

Endurance – Space Action is really made for those who seek some nice sci-fi game with a good storyline. The light humor expressed during interactions will give you a light laugh at times. The story buildup is very much appreciable, as it does not solely focus on the main character. So, character involvement in the game is very strong. The simple controls do not affect the fun. Instead, it makes the game playable at higher difficulties. Guns are really cool, unlimited ammo is a bonus. The game atmosphere is soothing for a Sci-Fi action game.

Endurance – Space Action Official Trailer

However, there are some cons that can be an easy fix. The game autosave is bad because it works only if you are online. For instance, if you turn off connectivity at a certain point in the game, the game does not save any data from that part. This is frustrating for any new user. Another disappointment is the ads, they are repetitive and interrupts with the feel of the game. But it is natural, as, for a solo developer like Ivan Panasenko, he needs to get some revenue for a free game.

Few words with the developer

We had the opportunity to get in touch with Ivan Panasenko and have a few words with him on his journey to Endurance.

Q) How long did it take to design this game?

Ivan Panasenko: It took me 5-6 months to make it, but I used some stuff from my previous game Ailment

Q) What prequels/sequels can we expect for the current game, as Endurance itself is the prequel for Ailment?

Ivan Panasenko: I don’t think there will be any sequel or prequel to this one, as I want to make some other genre for the next game!

Q) How do you deal with the positivity/criticism about a version of your game?

Ivan Panasenko: I know for sure there will be 10% of hate, as it always happens with anything you do. And I’m ready for it. People now complain about ads in the game, as in the previous one I almost didn’t use them. So I want to find a proper balance.

Q) How do you see Endurance – Space Action as a user/player?

Ivan Panasenko: I really enjoy it, I played already so many times, but I still not always can pass the levels or bosses. It does entertain me even though I know how everything works

Q) Do you plan to implement a multiplayer system in the future? If yes, how would it be?

Ivan Panasenko: I’m not sure yet, as players of Ailment didn’t really enjoy it, and it was ton of work. around 2 months to develop. But If players continue asking I might do coop

Q) What is your update roadmap for this game?

Ivan Panasenko: For now, I think I will add more easter eggs, side levels, and new skins for characters. And of course, fix bugs if they appear. It was super cool working on it, I really enjoyed this experience and this time it was much easier than with Ailment and more fun!

You can download the game for both Android/iOS platforms directly from here:

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