Farm Land review: Enjoy a calm and peaceful farming experience

Sit back and enjoy farming!

Farm Land, as the name implies, is all about farming. The game is a single-player hyper-casual title where you’re a farmer who is set to establish farms for different resources like corn, tomatoes, milk, and eggs. There’s a lot of scope for growth in the game and you really aren’t limited when it comes to progress. Now the game has its positives and negatives and we’ll discuss those in detail later in this Farm Land review.

The game has the typical look a lot of other hyper-casual games on the Play Store have. Right down to the graphic style and visual elements. However, the gameplay might just be the strength of this game.

Sit back, relax and embark on a calm farming adventure

Starting off with the review, the Farm Land gameplay is certainly addictive yet simple and satisfying and since the game is in portrait orientation, it’s the perfect thing to play when you just need something to pass the time. The core mechanics are simple. You’re a farmer who’s tasked with managing a farm.

You grow crops, take care of animals, sell your produce for gold coins and expand your establishment so that you can unlock more farms. Gold coins are the main currency of the game and you can get those by selling off your products to the various sellers around the map. These coins can be used to expand your farming area.

Farm Land farming gameplay

Breed animals and hire more workers to expand your farms

It seems quite easy to do but again, the game is certainly addictive and fun to play. Hiring farmhands to help you with the crops is also a part of the game alongside other features that make the game engaging. Sadly, the gameplay is interrupted every few minutes by rain (more on that later) and you basically have to watch an ad with no way out aside from paying for no ads.

There’s a lot to do and a lot of areas to expand your farm in the game so you won’t run out of content anytime soon. Also even if you head out of the game for a while, your farmhands will keep on working till the barn that holds the crops is completely full. Then, you can come along and empty the barn to sell off produce.

Decent graphics with simplistic controls and UI

The graphics are decent. The overall style could have been way better and less generic but it is what it is and they’re okay for a game like this. More effort on the visuals would definitely be welcome since some of the things in the game look just like clayey and roughly shaped blobs.

The soundtrack is good enough and works well with the game. There’s not much to the UI. There are a few options anyway so nothing much to get around. Similarly, the controls are simple too with just a joystick that controls your character so not much room for improvement in this criteria.

farm land trees farm

In Farm Land, when it rains, it ads

The game has a lot of ads. And also a bunch of in-app purchases as well. Some of the ads are avoidable but at times, when it rains in the game, you’re forced to sit down and watch an ad. Unless you pay of course.

There’s a bunch of different in-app purchases, some of them being slightly overpriced, to say the least. You can avoid rain ads, remove the banner ads, get power-ups, and more if you pay for them and there’s even a VIP version that is extremely overpriced, to say the least. The monetization is definitely one of the negatives of this game.

Final verdict

To give credit where credit is due, the gameplay is quite engaging and addictive. Again it’s a hyper-casual game that you can just pull out and play to pass the time but it’s still a decent game that also provides a lot of satisfaction (basically what makes it addictive).

A little more work on the visual style and the monetization front would have made a lot of difference. Right now, monetization is the biggest negative and impacts the overall ratings of the game. Aside from that, the game is decent overall and anyone looking for a casual farming game should definitely try out Farm Land.

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