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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Review: A turn-based RPG title from Square Enix

Immerse within the original storyline of the FF7 Universe!

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a mobile RPG developed by Applibot and Square Enix, set in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It’s part of the Compilation of the Final Fantasy series and features a mix of turn-based strategy, and real-time combat. Players can take control of various characters and utilize their unique abilities. This review for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis provides valuable information for players, helping them know more about the qualities and featured information about the game. In this review, we aim to showcase the game’s standout features and provide an unbiased rating.

Play the iconic characters from the Final Fantasy VII universe

Kicking off the review with the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the game features a mobile RPG, turn-based combat that blends seamlessly with the Active Time Battle system, enabling players to act during their character’s turn without waiting for opponents. Tactical gameplay prevails, requiring precise timing of skills and magic.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Guide
Image via Square Enix

Cloud Strife, the protagonist, Tifa Lockhart, a martial artist, Aerith Gainsborough, a mysterious flower merchant, and Barret Wallace, the leader of Avalanche, are some of the iconic characters who will join your adventure in this game. Players exploit enemy weak points and elemental vulnerabilities, adjusting material accordingly. Managing party stances is crucial for powerful attacks and defense.

You can switch between characters in real-time, unleashing Limit Breaks once charged and chaining them for extra damage. The game offers diverse weapons and materials for character growth, along with solo missions for experience. Maintaining recommended combat power is essential for overcoming challenges in this reimagined Final Fantasy VII story.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Storyline features new characters

Moving on with the review, let us now talk about the iconic storyline, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis also creates an original plotline that focuses on the enigmatic past of Sephiroth. This new storyline will introduce three new characters namely, Glenn, Matt, and Lucia that are based on The First Soldier and will further expand the game’s lore and world.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis chibi gameplay
Image via Square Enix

With the timeline feature, players can freely select the chapters they want to play, allowing them to jump between different entries in the series and experience the storyline in their preferred order. This feature provides a more immersive experience for players, as they can create their unique journey through the game’s rich and complex universe.

Overall, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis game offers a combination of classic and original storylines, introducing new characters, and providing players with more freedom to explore the game’s universe. Even though the game features a much newer introduction to the storyline, the game feels lackluster in terms of delivering the impact it is expected to provide and only gives players a small number of good-quality interactions for the first few hours.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Character design stays to iconic Chibi style

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis retains the iconic Chibi style for its character designs. The game truly shines when players are able to simply immerse themselves in the gameplay. By utilizing more Chibi-style character models for exploration and reserving more realistic character proportions for battles and cutscenes, the remake pays a fitting tribute to the original Final Fantasy Series.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Chibi
Image via Square Enix

The Chibi style, with its larger heads and smaller bodies, enhances the game’s playful and lighthearted elements, while the more realistic proportions during battles and cutscenes add depth and intensity to the game’s story. This unique blend of styles allows players to fully experience the charm and nostalgia of the original game while enjoying the updated graphics and immersive gameplay of Ever Crisis.

A mixture of modern and old graphic styles with vintage audio

The game has a unique visual style that combines both modern and vintage graphics. It features the classic dark-quality style of the original Final Fantasy VII game but with a modern twist. The environments and characters are beautifully designed, and the attention to detail during combat is great. The game also features stunning cinematics that showcase the updated graphics and bring the story to life in some scenarios.

Final Fantasy VIII Ever Crisis redeem codes, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis redeem codes
Image via Square Enix

One of the most impressive features of the game’s graphics is the way it manages to blend the old with the new. Fans of the original game will recognize many of the locations and characters, but they are presented in a refined way. The game also features new locations and characters that fit seamlessly into the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Another great aspect of the graphics is the way the game adapts to different screen sizes. Whether you’re playing on a small phone or a large tablet, the graphics look great and the game is easy to play. The game also features a variety of visual options, allowing players to customize the graphics to their liking.

The audio in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is just as impressive as the graphics. The game features a nostalgic soundtrack that pays homage to the original game while also adding new tracks and remixes. The sound effects are also well-crafted. One of the most interesting aspects of the audio is the way it adapts to the different eras of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Lucia Lin
Image via Square Enix

The music and sound effects change depending on which part of the story you’re playing through. For example, if you’re playing through the original Final Fantasy VII story, some fans of the series may hear familiar music and voices from the original characters of the series throughout the game.

However, if you’re playing through the new story content, the audio will be more modern and will feature new tracks and remixes. The voice acting in the game is also well done. The characters are brought to life by a talented cast, and the dialogue is well-written and engaging. Overall, the audio in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis fits the overall theme and genre of the game.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis UI and Controls

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is known to have a seamless turn-based mechanic and ATB system that sets it apart from other turn-based games. The game’s UI and controls are not only intuitive and easy to use but also enable you to have the 2x option when playing which makes the animations more comfortable and much faster. The game’s UI is designed to give players a clear understanding of what is happening on the screen, without cluttering it with unnecessary information.

Final Fantasy VIII Ever Crisis gameplay
Image via Square Enix

This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game’s world and focus on the gameplay. The game’s controls are also designed with ease of use in mind. Players can easily switch between characters, use different skills and abilities, and navigate through menus with ease. The game’s combat system is turn-based, which means that players have time to think about their next move and plan accordingly. The ATB system also provides players with an extra layer of strategy, as it allows them to charge up their attacks and abilities.

The in-game Gacha Mechanics focuses on the Weapon System

On the other hand, the game’s gacha system is a different story. While it does offer higher drop rates compared to other gacha titles, it primarily focuses on stronger weapons that can be acquired through the draw system of the game. This means that finding a new weapon in a treasure chest or purchasing upgraded equipment from a shop is no longer part of the classic RPG experience.

Some Gacha fans may also dislike the Gacha system in this game mainly because of the fact that obtaining a character feels much better than obtaining a strong weapon in most Gacha titles. Instead, players must rely on the gacha draw system to gain powerful weapons, which is entirely disconnected from the fiction of the game world.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Gacha System
Image via Square Enix

This robs the game of its meaning and can lead to some players disliking the overall gameplay experience. This produces a different mindset from becoming invested in a game’s world and story. Some players may think that the game asks players to invest their money in an abstraction.

Despite these drawbacks, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis remains a highly enjoyable game with a rich and engaging storyline. The gacha system may not be for everyone, but it does offer a unique experience that is worth checking out for those who are interested in the genre.

Comparison with other existing Final Fantasy VII Games

When taking a deeper dive into the connectivity and storyline of some well-known Final Fantasy VII games, it’s clear that Ever Crisis may not progress too far into the source material. The game currently happens to culminate after Midgar, which could very well be due to the assets the team was able to draw from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

On the other hand, Crisis Core reaches its conclusion at the first Ifrit battle. Unfortunately for fans of Dirge of Cerberus or Advent Children, however, those particular bits are yet to be included in the game – even though they had been featured in its debut trailer.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis series
Image via Square Enix

The only way to gain a true appreciation for these discrepancies is by playing each title personally; this way one can see how the narrative has been reimagined and observe what new tales emerge alongside classic characters. Despite there being some constraints on story content and missing depictions of certain elements of the series in Ever Crisis’ present version, admirers of the franchise can still bask in its charm while reliving iconic moments.

Final Verdict

It takes players deep into the world of Final Fantasy VII, with its mix of turn-based strategy and real-time action combat. With an array of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities for you to utilize, gameplay in this title promises explosively satisfying results.

On top of that, the beautifully rendered graphics and audio bring the world alive like never before with the mixture of modern graphics added to the elements of this new game.

Some fans may experience drawbacks from the Gacha mechanic featured in the game where most players focus on the storyline and gameplay of the new Final Fantasy game. All in all, it’s an essential game for any fans of Final Fantasy or RPG enthusiasts.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 8
Character Customization - 7.5
Graphics and Music - 8.5
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



It takes players deep into the world of Final Fantasy VII, with its mix of turn-based strategy and real-time action combat. All in all, it’s an essential game for any fans of Final Fantasy or RPG enthusiasts.

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