GRIS is a stunning animated platformer that you must play

When talking about the best PC ports to mobile, and in terms of platformer games, it is impossible to leave out the amazing GRIS. The year 2020 has been a good year for the mobile platform so far. We’ve got to see a lot of new console and PC games make their way to mobile, while some remain upcoming.

This time, it is the popular platformer named Gris. In the game, you will take control of a naive female protagonist named Gris. She is closed and stuck in her own world,m due to the pain she experienced in her reality.

The Storyline of a fading world

When a young girl is lost in her own world, trying to overcome the painful experience in her life, she embarks on a journey through sorrow, granting her new abilities, new paths, that will help her to navigate her faded reality better. It offers a fascinating world to explore and a great soundtrack to go along

As the storyline goes on, Gris will grow up, and become emotionally powerful, and starts to see her world differently. Her grief becomes embodied in her dress, making her move, jump, and run faster to help her find her way in her faded world.

A detailed Gameplay in an animated world

The gameplay offers a serene and evocative experience for players. It is free of danger, death or frustration. Players are free to explore the meticulous world that is designed and brought to life by incredible work of art, elegant score, and detailed animation.


The game has several puzzles, skill-based challenges, and platforming sequences that will reveal themselves to you as you explore further into Gris’s fading world.

The animation, world design, and visual effects of GRIS are fantastic and absorbing. The design was symmetric and simple. As for the character herself, she is hand-animated and can be displayed in several forms of 2D animation.

Her cloak often twists around her body, spreading into a manta-ray shape, pulsing and flowing as you swim deeper into the dark fading depth of underwater areas.

GRIS is a platformer that you would want to play

As you progress through different stages, you’ll experience blotches of watercolor spread across your screen, painting the grey world of Gris. Combined with an incredible soundtrack that adds a whole new level of excitement in the game. The first time we guided GRIS off a cliff, she was framed against the asymmetrical sun, it left us in awe.

GRIS is one of those experiences with close to no text, just simple control reminders that are illustrated via universal icons. Sometimes the game is like a complex of emotions that uses its levels as a canvas for a beautiful platformer design.

And other times, it’s a confusing game that allows its artistic ambitions to flow through its gameplay. The game can be enjoyed by anyone who loves platformer games, regardless of their language.

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