Hundred Days review: Enjoy a fine and detailed winemaking experience

A deep dive into making wine through a game

Hundred Days is a management simulation game released recently all about the art of winemaking. It’s a really unique game with some really cool features that really set it apart from other management titles on mobile. From the very start, it’s evident that players don’t need to know anything about winemaking to start off with. In fact, the character in the story mode that players actually can play as is a person who doesn’t know anything about winemaking at all! Here in this article, we will review Hundred Days and share our first impressions of the game.

Winemaking comes in three game modes each with an unique taste

Starting off with the Hundred Days review, the game is really detailed in terms of the winemaking process and it introduces players to all the aspects involved from weeding to growing the grapes to fermentation and tasting. There are three game modes: Story Mode, Endless Mode, and Challenge Mode.

hundred days review graphics

Story mode is an introduction and tutorial on how everything in the game works. It’s the first step in this game that serves the purpose of acquainting players with the various processes involved. The story is fairly decent and the game actually gives its characters different personalities while at one point, a character even broke through the 4th wall (almost).

Endless mode is a mode in which you can keep on making wine infinitely and finally, Challenge mode is a mode where you have to meet certain goals. Now the game does a fairly good job of introducing players to the concepts involved. The protagonist of the story mode that players take up the role of actually doesn’t know anything about winemaking at all and worked a desk job before. However, the game still requires players to experiment and figure things out because there’s a lot of elements that the game doesn’t actually introduce, and at times players might get stuck because the game didn’t fill them in on how to go about a certain task.

Take control of your business working your way with  grapes, barrels and your own bottle label

Now the gameplay is based on arranging different tasks which are all shaped differently on your vineyards. Those tasks take a certain amount of time and pressing an icon on the bottom right once you’re done placing the tiles allows you to move ahead in time. The game really is the most fun when you have a whole lot of things that you can do.

hundred days review gameplay

It’s important for players to refer to previous notes and play around with different processes to make the perfect wine. There’s a lot of aspects that have to be considered but the game doesn’t spoon-feed you like other games while also having certain details that players have to pay a lot of attention to. So experimenting and studying the process is really essential.

Every time you’re done with bottling a wine, you also have to organize a wine tasting which gives you a rating from 1 to 100 and lets you know what improvements are needed.

The game comes with good graphics and easy controls

The game has nice graphics and a good-looking art style with a lot of detail while the audio effects are decent. They’re not really something you want to listen to while playing the game for extended periods of time though and switching to some of your own music or a podcast perhaps is the way to go when playing this game.

Hundred Days Gameplay

The game has a point-and-click type of gameplay so the controls aren’t really anything to complain about. They’re not better or worse, they’re just standard. The UI for the most part is simple too and players really have to go over everything once to get a hang of the different buttons and what they do.

Winemaking is a paid service and hence comes devoid of any ads

The game is a paid title and so it’s completely devoid of any ads and in-app purchases. This is another feature that’s not really better or worse since this is a paid single-player game and it just works for the game.

Final Verdict

Hundred Days is a really elaborate management game. It really goes in-depth about all the objective knowledge about the art of winemaking and while it’s not the actual experience since doing it actually is harder and requires a lot more experience, it’s a good simulation. The biggest question obviously is if the game is worth the money you have to spend on buying it.

Hundred Days game review trailer

From our review perspective, Hundred Days is a pretty good experience and really fun overall. But whether you will like it or not depends on if you’re into management simulation games and like the genre. If that is the case, go for the game. It’s a great title with a lot of effort put into it and the three game modes are pretty fun. The only issue is how the game at times doesn’t really nudge you in the right direction. Just a hint on what to do would be pretty helpful.

What are your opinions on the Hundred Days game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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