Indian Air Force Game: Become a virtual pilot just like Abhinandan

PUBG mobile may have become the top free game in the Google play store in a couple of months but a newly developed game in India is set to upset the Tencent made PUBG battle Royale, it goes by the name ‘Indian Air Force: A cut above’ which provides a virtual platform for players to have a feeling like IAF pilots and join the thrill of air combat by flying aircraft like Su-30 and Dassault Rafale air fighter.

The action-packed flight simulator, Indian Air Force game launched with 10 single-player missions and various other features is developed by ‘Threye: Military Games’, an Indian company based out of Delhi.

The game has been segregated into three modes: Single Player, Free Flight, and Training. Home page shows the name of Abhinandan, the infamous wing commander of IAF, who had shot to distinction when film of his imprisonment in Pakistan had risen, indicating him showing an adventurous front, after his MiG-21 was shot down in a dogfight post the Balakot airstrike but the player can edit the name and can change with own face.

Training Missions

indian air force game
  • Take off and navigation: The game starts with the quote ‘Welcome to the IAF base, pilot’ followed by training of the player who is required to take off smoothly for which navigation becomes very handy. The jet trainer aircraft maximum speed is 830 kmph with the weapon 30 mm autocannon. The game becomes interesting as the player can change the view using the camera button which tries to make the player feel like IAF Wing Commander.

    Your objective: The player should be able to control the throttle, control heading and navigate to markers that are shown on the screen.
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  • Armaments training: In this phase, the role assigned is Jet trainer aircraft with a weapon of 30 mm autocannon. The developer could have provided with options in weapon selection but they tried to make it feel like real as pilots need to get trained in a specific weapon.

    Your objective: The most important aspect here is destroying the air as well as ground targets.
  • Landing: This is the last training phase that needs to be completed in order to open different missions. The maximum height by which you can fly is 3,334 meters.

    There are 10 missions in the Single Player mode, and every mission gets harder as you advance in the game.

Combat Mission

indian air force game
  • Natural disaster event
  • Surgical strike
  • Air defense ops
  • Combat support

Final Verdict

Overall, the graphic design of the Indian Air Force game is average and I was somewhat baffled with the sound impacts, explicitly in the Training Mode. The designers need to work more in these areas when they release the multi-player version of the game, which is expected to be released in October, this year.

You can download the game from Google Play by clicking here and from iOS store by clicking here

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