LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Review: Race through the hills of the LEGO Universe

Exciting Hill Climb LEGO elements!

Explore LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, an exciting racing game developed by Fingersoft and inspired by the well-known Hill Climb Racing mobile game. This single-player exploration game takes you on an epic journey, driving through hills within the expansive LEGO universe when it was first announced. Continue reading for information on the latest free codes for LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, beginner’s guide, customer support article, and this LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Review covers the game’s overall quality, features, and basics with a fair rating.

I’ve invested approximately 20 hours playing LEGO Hill Climb Adventures on my iPhone 11 to thoroughly explore all its features and ensure a comprehensive experience. This extensive gameplay was essential for a detailed and thorough evaluation. The game offers an amazing racing experience that is both casual and calming, while also providing opportunities for innovation.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Storyline goes on with quests

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures unfolds its storyline by guiding you through a series of quests, elevating the excitement of exploration. As you go through the storyline yourself, you will encounter a diverse amount of LEGO characters, each contributing to the overall storyline, while simultaneously unlocking new cars and discovering additional locations.

To progress within the game, you’ll find yourself engaging in various tasks, such as repairing an Mk3, fixing a bridge with woods, and seeking assistance from characters like Grandma, Farmer Tom, and Nick. These quests serve not only to advance the overall storyline but also to introduce a multitude of elements that enhance the richness of your adventure within the LEGO world.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Storyline
Image via Fingersoft

The dynamic storytelling evolves through interactions with characters of varying ages and roles. The inclusion of Grandma, Farmer Tom, Nick, and other characters becomes important, as they play unique roles in the storyline, contributing to the depth of the story. Through these encounters, you not only advance through the game but also gain insight into the story behind the LEGO Hill Climb Adventures universe.

The quests, with their diverse challenges and tasks, serve as a mechanism for exploring the expansive LEGO world, ensuring that your journey remains not only enjoyable but also filled with surprises. Each step in the questline introduces fresh and unique elements, making the overall gaming experience progressively richer and more immersive.

The gameplay incorporates repetitive elements

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Gameplay brings together elements from Lego Hill Climb Racing while having a lot of repetitive elements. As I explored different locations, the introduction of an actual storyline made the game feel better, giving me a sense of purpose in my hill-climbing adventures.

Meeting characters also added variety and led to interesting quests and tasks, making the gameplay more engaging. The discovery of treasure chests along the way provided more excitement, creating moments of anticipation.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Gameplay
Image via Fingersoft

This blend of familiar mechanics, a compelling narrative, and surprises made my experience with LEGO Hill Climb Adventures not only nostalgic but also pleasantly unpredictable, turning each hill climb into a dynamic and enjoyable adventure that exceeded my expectations.

Playing LEGO Hill Climb Adventures was fun for me. I liked how each car was handled differently on different trails. Trying out various cars and seeing how they coped with different terrains made the gameplay interesting.

Despite going up hills and overcoming obstacles that felt dynamic and enjoyable, the gameplay still felt repetitive in terms of its core features. The variety in how each car worked made the game a little more interesting but not enough to provide an overall good gameplay quality that would stand out against another title of a similar genre.

Decent LEGO elements with a good variety of audio quality

The LEGO graphics in LEGO Hill Climb Adventures make the game look modern with the playful elements added. The characters and surroundings have a fun LEGO style, making everything visually interesting. The terrains and cars also have that special LEGO block look, making the whole game feel like a playful adventure.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures world graphics
Image via Fingersoft

The attention to detail in bringing LEGO elements to life in the graphics adds to the game’s unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The audio in the game is also a notable quality. The sounds, like engines revving and LEGO blocks crunching, make the game feel real despite the different LEGO-centered theme.

The different sounds for various terrains, like soft dirt or clattering bricks on rocks, make it somewhat entertaining. The variety in the sounds for different cars adds to the game’s dynamic feel. With LEGO-inspired graphics and well-done audio, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures gives a fun and enjoyable experience.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures UI and Controls are responsive

In LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, the user interface and controls stand out for their responsiveness. When using the gas, brakes, or selecting boosts and buffs, the controls operate smoothly and promptly, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The intuitive layout of the on-screen menu adds to the simplicity of gameplay, making it easy for players to understand and navigate.

LEGO Hill Climb adventures gameplay
Image via Fingersoft

The controls offer a sense of command, allowing for precise maneuvers, be it accelerating up hills or applying brakes strategically. This level of responsiveness enhances the overall enjoyment of the LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, offering players a user-friendly and satisfying control over their adventurous journey in the LEGO world.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Monetization

When it comes to LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, the value you get for your money in this free-to-play game is pretty impressive, especially if you’re a big fan of the game. There are various options like starter packs, a premium builder pass, and different blueprints available for purchase. These give you exclusive items and materials, along with a bunch of cool perks to enhance your gaming experience.

LEGO hill climb adventures shop
Image via Fingersoft

For those willing to invest real cash, there’s a range of diamond bundles you can choose from, starting as low as $3 and going up to $100. These bundles offer a convenient way to snag some in-game advantages and real-time perks, making your gameplay more exciting and rewarding.

So, if you’re thinking about spending some real money on LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, it’s not a bad deal, especially if you’re aiming for those extra boosts and perks that can take your gaming adventure to the next level.

Final Verdict

While LEGO Hill Climb Adventures provides a generally enjoyable gaming experience, some players may find the repetitive nature of the hill-climbing concept a bit lacking in long-term variety. The graphics, though charming in their LEGO style, might not satisfy those seeking more realistic visuals.

Additionally, the storyline, while a nice addition, could benefit from further depth and complexity to engage players more thoroughly. While these are areas for improvement, it’s important to note that the game still offers a decent and entertaining experience overall.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Storyline - 7.5
Character and Environment Design - 7.5
Graphics and Music - 7.5
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



LEGO Hill Climb Adventures provides a generally enjoyable gaming experience but some players may find the repetitive nature of the hill-climbing concept a bit lacking in long-term variety

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