Mighty DOOM review: Alien shooter on the go

Fails to leave an impression in the DOOM franchise

Mighty DOOM is a 2D endless arcade time-killer for any player while they are on a short break. As the name suggests, the game acts as a spin-off title for DOOM, the fan-favorite hit from the past. The game comes up with some limited amounts of features and an endless game mode that helps them out to battle with the zombies and thus go ahead in this long-lasting battle. Here in this Mighty DOOM review, we will discuss Mighty DOOM and share our first impressions of the game.

Dodge Bullets, Run and Gun your way through this endless Arcade

Starting off with Mighty DOOM review, since being a 2D-based endless arcade game, the players go through a lot of stages through which they fight against a wave of zombies. On every 10th stage, a boss villain comes along the pathway.

This thing remains interesting at the beginning as the players still stay in the phase of exploring the game. But, later the same thing rolls up and the interest tends to fade as time passes. Thus, the game is not so good to be precise and the players don’t feel the same energy after playing it regularly.

Mighty Doom Gameplay early access
Image via Bethesda Softworks

At this game size range, players can easily witness some more great games with a better storyline and a game that will surely keep up the interest of the players within themselves. Mighty DOOM also does not come up with any other game mode so that players can enjoy a bit more and help themselves to earn up some more resources. This also puts the game at a slight disadvantage.

Mighty DOOM boasts an arsenal of weapons and resources

Mighty DOOM has successfully introduced all the weapons from the Doom series and thus the OGs will find it a bit interesting due to the presence of all those weapons that they have used up in their early days. The skill features and updating them are also quite handy and easy to go with. The game serves the in-game currencies and resources at a wholesome rate and thus players can easily upgrade the gears and other required stats so that their character becomes much more powerful than before.

Easy Controls but Graphics clearly isn’t the game’s strongest suit

Mighty Doom is based upon 2D graphics as it comes up with a good-to-go and more than-average graphic experience for the players. The game is a great piece to kill your time but graphics is obviously not the most important aspect players can witness over the game.

The graphics obviously contribute but all the fighting frames and movement remain the same for every stage and for every kind of weapon players use. Also, if we get along the verge of controls, it is very easy to use and thus players can easily get bored with it.

Mighty Doom Gameplay Overview
Image via Bethesda Softworks

Players just have to control the movement of their chosen character, and nothing else. Yes, also have to tap once on the special weapon after a regular interval of time so that they can use it against the zombies. That’s it, nothing more can be done by the players while they are in a fight. The character will shoot on its own and just go around fighting.

No ads but IAPs do pop up in the game along with the demon hordes

It is quite good and interesting to know that the game doesn’t come along much with advertisements and interrupts the gameplay experience of the players and thus this puts the game to a little more advantage. The game has fewer in-app purchases compared to the regular games these days.

Mighty Doom Mastery
Image via Bethesda Softworks

If the players feel like it, they can go with transactions but the reality is, even if they do not pay, players will not face any trouble as they receive enough in-game currency and resources that will help them with the upgradation process.

Final Verdict

Mighty DOOM is a great game to pass your time and thus comes up with fewer fascinating features as well. The players who have experienced the vintage Doom series won’t like this piece much but the ones who are new to this world can get a pinch of good experience but have a higher chance to get disappointed soon because of experiencing the same gameplay walkover every single day.

Mighty DOOM review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 5
Storyline - 4
Graphics and Music - 5
Controls and UI - 6
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



Players who have experienced the vintage DOOM series won't like Mighty DOOM much but the ones who are new to this world can get a pinch of good experience but have a higher chance to get disappointed soon because of experiencing the same gameplay walkover every single day.

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