Monster Aloha – PAPP review: Experience strategic battles in a thunderous battleground

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Pokémon fans aren’t unknown for adaptations in expansively various entertainment mediums and certainly video game is one of the most common of them. Developed by FunPax Games, Monster Aloha PAPP isn’t an exception either. The game has a lot of ups with some downs which we’ll discuss thoroughly in this Monster Aloha – PAPP review.

Monster Aloha – PAPP has a very lengthy tutorial section that kicks off with a Kalos League match between Ash and Alain. Featuring a visually intriguing screen as the opening one stirs up a lot of expectations within the player.

Train monsters from around the world and write your own story

Starting off with the Monster Aloha – PAPP review, no matter how intriguing the art style or visual design of a game is, if the major part which makes or breaks a game, the “gameplay” isn’t fun or well-nourished then it all falls apart. However, that isn’t the case here as the major strength of Monster Aloha – PAPP lies in its gameplay.

Image via FunPax Games

Monster Aloha – PAPP is essentially a party turn-based action game with many moves and everything expected from one. Being a Pokémon game as expected the game features a lot of Pokémon to catch and train evolve and fight battles with. The game features light And heavy attacks and also a special attack for every Pokémon.

Unlike other party turn-based action games, Monster Aloha PAPP does make all the attacking options feel viable. As the battle goes on with light and heavy attacks the Bana meter filled up which then can be used to inflict the highest damage to enemies in style with unique and attractive animations paired.

Experience a well-designed campaign and exciting storyline

The almost perfect gameplay system along with a well-designed campaign with a fairly entertaining narrative makes for a very compelling experience. The campaign battles are designed with a not-very-steep difficulty curve with a fair dose of well-known and fan-favorite Pokémon on the show.

Image via FunPax Games

As the roster becomes expansive players need to create a form with the most evolved and powerful Pokémons ideally consisting of as many elemental powers as possible.

The in-game complications may feel overwhelming

Monster Aloha PAPP surely knows how to overcomplicate things in terms of in-game systems. Pokémon fans are well introduced to the concept of Pokémon evolution. However, in this game, the system felt a bit too overwhelming than it needed to be. However, the energy, and diamonds are also additions that don’t add to the quality of the final product much. Monster Aloha features a 6v6 Pokémon battle system where the player can auto-select the formation or customize it accordingly.

The game offers a lively design with a hint of flare

Monster Aloha – PAPP features a marvelously gorgeous style of visuals. Even if the art style itself isn’t very unique, the animations, color grading, and lively fluid movements during gameplay add enough flare to it to satisfy the pallets.

Image via FunPax Games

The game has many dialogues, especially during the opening part of the game which isn’t particularly very entertaining as the game does require a heavy exposition to familiarize the player with its mechanics. However, when discussing the design aspects these exposition-heavy dialogues could use a lot of improvements in terms of the hasty way they are presented. They aren’t particularly bad but an overhaul in presentation could help this in a long way.

The bugs slow the exceptional gameplay down a bit

As discussed above in this Monster Aloha PAPP review the game features a very sound gameplay system with each Pokémon having its own set of moves and a special move with unique animations and elemental weaknesses and resistances.

Image via FunPax Games

However, the game is slowed down a bit by the quite frequent bugs such as the game getting stuck on the loading screen or the game somehow crashing quite a bit. The list of bugs also runs wide and a slight altercation and fixing up these loose ends or bugs can make the experience a whole lot better.

Final Verdict

Monster Aloha PAPP is a very well-designed game with a very expansive list of Pokémon, iconic moments, stunning visuals, and sound gameplay however, with overcomplicated in-game systems and a few bugs as hiccups on the way.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon then this one is a no-brainer for you and if you’re not a fan and this concept is new to you, which admittedly is very unlikely, then this might not be as intriguing for you. However, either way, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this one. Interested players can visit the game’s official website here.

Monster Aloha - PAPP review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 7
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls - 7
Game Progression - 7.5



Monster Aloha PAPP is a very well-designed game with a very expansive list of Pokémon, iconic moments, stunning visuals, and sound gameplay however, with overcomplicated in-game systems and a few bugs as hiccups on the way.

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