Offroad Unchained review: Engage in fast PvP races but do mind the dirt

Drive with speed, drift in the mud, and jump with your car to cross the finish line first!

Offroad Unchained is an arcade racing game from the Red Bull Media House and developed by Kuusaema, a name which was also seen in different successful titles like Angry Birds of Rovio, Badlands, and more importantly, the creator of playable ads of Unity. Offroad Unchained does take a bold name on it. This is one of the latest titles of Red Bull Media House. Here in this article, we will review Offroad Unchained and share our first impressions of the game.

Compete with players worldwide in real-time multiplayer races

Starting off with the Offroad Unchained review, the game is a portrait mode game so you don’t have to tilt it. All the controls are done by on-screen controls, so no physical movement of the device is needed. The tutorial is good. Players would be able to get the basic info of the game by that. The game controls are quite easy to understand. But what matters is the execution of these actions in perfect time.

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The game also offers opportunities for players to do a PvP match. In the multiplayer option, they can enjoy playing with each other online. The game just came out recently and till now, every lobby was filled with players except for the initial race which is a tutorial. The PvP battle gives players a pinnacle of pressure since other drivers are always coming up to take advantage of late execution or an early one.

There is a nitro system that needs to be handled in perfect time to get a significant boost. However, in spite of being simple in terms of controls, players might find it difficult to steer the car, which is essential in crucial times. There are different types of maps offered by the game to race at.

Upgrade your car and race against real-life drivers from Red Bull

The story of the game is only seen in career mode. In the game, the player is portrayed as a novice driver who is trying to climb his way to the top. The player has to race against real-life drivers. These drivers are mostly from the rally racing program of Red Bull.

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Career mode, starting with Catie Munnings, features many other drivers notably Sebastien Loeb, Timmy Hansen, Nasser Al-Attiyah, and the El Matador himself, Carlos Sainz Sr, and many more. In order to reach the top, the player needs to defeat all of the drivers in multiple rounds to get into another stage where they will meet with a different driver to beat.

There is a shop where players can buy upgrades for cars and new cars. The game offers an economy system that comprises different currencies, which players need to manage along the way to save for needed times. Currencies can be used to buy/upgrade cars and other stuff in the game. The game also features a daily login bonus.

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What’s more, is that there is an exciting daily race event held where people can participate and claim different cars based on different lap times they set on a track. The tracks consist of different types of obstacles that players need to avoid to ensure they can set a good lap time on the track.

Offroad Unchained offers average graphics and car textures

In spite of providing a lot of content to the Red Bull fans, this game also has some lackings, just like the other games. Many players have reported their issue with race not starting after the matchmaking is completed. Problems like getting stuck during the waiting phase are also reported. The graphics of the game are also not much up to the mark.

The settings option does give the opportunity to change the graphics settings. But it doesn’t seem to make a big difference even after putting all settings to max. There would still be scenes where the distant objects would be blurry. The car textures are also shown blurry from time to time. The highest setting says it runs at 60FPS, but the smoothness of the game doesn’t make it look like it’s running at 60FPS.

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Red Bull does give you wings but it comes at a high cost of IAPs

The in-app purchase prices seemed to be a bit more expensive than what we see in other games. The game is in portrait mode. So people who have a water drop notch display or punch hole notch display would see game contents getting covered under their camera.

Participation in daily events is limited by ticket fragments which can be obtained by playing races other than the daily event race. A limiting factor on an exciting event like this is kinda unacceptable and the event is bound to attract players’ participation a lot more than other things.

Final Thoughts

Just like the previous titles from Red Bull, Offroad Unchained will also make its way to Red Bull fans’ minds in a matter of time. Red Bull always comes with ideas that make things look cool and risky. The idea of an arcade-based rally game has been done before but Red Bull does add their own touch to it.

The PvP mode gives you a greater advantage to hone your skill on the dirt. It’s a nice game to enjoy. And the game is kids friendly, so parents who are worried about inappropriate content can rest at ease and it’s quite enjoyable to spend time with.

Offroad Unchained review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Graphics and Music - 6.5
Gamemodes - 7
Controls and UI - 6
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



Offroad Unchained will make its way to Red Bull fans’ minds in a matter of time. For other casual racing game lovers, it might be a hard pass or just a one-time thing.

What are your opinions on the Offroad Unchained game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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