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Pokemon Masters Review: The Pokemon game we have been waiting for

The long-awaited Pokemon Masters mobile game is finally available on Android and iOS in Singapore and Canada. Back in May 2019, the Pokemon Company held a conference where they announced about this game. And since then, most of the Pokemon fans have been waiting to get their hands on it. Currently, the game is available for pre-registration if you do not belong to Singapore or Canada. I feel lucky to do Pokemon Masters review before it goes for a global release!

Inbound Storyline

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Pokemon Masters starts with the journey in an artificial island called Pasio. The player will be able to customize his/her character which becomes the main character of the team. It is a team-based game, where a team can have up to 3 players and can play 3v3 pokemon battles. The players will get the popular characters to team up with. Brock and Misty will be there to join initially and as the storyline continues, the player will get the option to switch his/her teammates from the available characters. The overall storyline is pretty big as of now, but the downside is, it is very limited. There are not many things to explore. Everything is pre-decided!

Graphics and Music

pokemon masters battles, pokemon game on android

This is one of the key parts of any mobile game. I feel that the graphics are alright for the game. But it could have been better. Although there are no complaints about the music, yeah it could have been better also. Animations and movements are not that attracting at the very first impression. However, the developers can really work on improving some of the animations in the future.


Pokemon Masters offers a great tutorial. As the storyline is very limited and not many options to explore, the controls are also designed to match the same. By the time a player finishes the tutorial section, he/she will be able to grasp the controls and game mechanism. Controls and simple and intuitive.

Final Verdict

Although the game is pretty much enjoyable as it is but the players may feel the urge of exploration in the game. As it is a Pokemon game, so the fans will expect to explore the lands and that is where they may get upset. Other than that, battles and everything is pretty much enjoyable!

Have a look at this Pokemon Masters video.

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