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RAIDER SIX review: Proudly made for India, Shamefully unplayable

Are you ready to become India ka top Raider?

RAIDER SIX is an online multiplayer battle royale game where like any other battle royale, players come across a particular map and matchmake with each other. Getting into this RAIDER SIX review, it is important to understand that with the experience of playing a whole bunch of games, there’s a bar that they must meet.

While not every game cannot meet the likes of PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile, there are games that bring something new to the table and scratch the itch for something engaging. Unfortunately, like many other lower-tier Battle Royale games or shooter titles that we’ve seen so far, RAIDER SIX falls flat. 

RAIDER SIX offers nothing new than the same age-old Battle Royale tropes

Starting off with the RAIDER SIX review, the game presents itself as pretty much any generic Battle Royale game. A story you wouldn’t care much about, an introduction to the game that shows you just how rough the game is in comparison to the more popular ones and then you go around switching guns and customizing characters to your heart’s contentment.

Image via Starlight Gaming India

It’s not going to be a smooth experience so that’s not something you should expect and once you want to hop into a game, you can go for standard Battle Royale or a Werewolf mode where you’re running away from glitchy cookie-cutter models of werewolves that look like JPGs moving around on the screen. To say the least, it’s not a good experience. 

It also feels like the game really copies other titles and gives off strong PUBG Mobile/ BGMI vibes. Now it’s true that you can’t really make a battle royale look all that different from other titles in the same genre. But even then, at times there are places where the game looks a little suspicious of something odd. 

Image via Starlight Gaming India

Like most other games, you’re looking at the usual arsenal of weapons that you unlock as you progress along, customization, and all the other bells and whistles that are thrown into games nowadays. There are the usual shops, trading options, leveling systems, etc. Even the loading screen seems oddly reminiscent of that of PUBGM/BGMI but we’ll just chalk that up to being a slightly similar design and unintentional. Overall, the gameplay does not hold up. 

A lackluster experience with bugs, glitches, and frequent lags

As mentioned previously in this Raider Six review, the game is glitchy and pretty rough. During our testing phase, we found it to be rather lackluster with very little engagement. After getting stuck with poor controls, lag, glitchy visuals, visual effects that are straight out of the early ages of gaming, and a bunch of other shortcomings of the title, at some point, it was really apparent that the game wasn’t going anywhere.

There was an actual delay in relatively simple tasks like switching guns or throwing grenades along with buggy animations.  The core gameplay of course revolves around the battle royale genre, where, as we mentioned before, there’s nothing that’s novel or creative. Imagine a generic battle royale title and then lower your expectations by a bit.

Image via Starlight Gaming India

Now there are a few things that are likable and perhaps could make it more entertaining. There’s the element of being able to turn into animals, fighting mutant animals and monsters, and piloting your plane… But that’s about it.  Perhaps looking at this game from the perspective of someone with experience in better titles might really just feel a little too brutal. But considering how there’s really no incentive to play this over any of the better titles from bigger studios, the game feels anemic. 

Semi-decent Graphics and poor Audio support

The graphics can be pretty decent on the higher settings if your phone can handle it (which it should since this isn’t a heavy title) On the lower settings however, you’re getting pretty much PS2 levels of graphics with trees looking like scribbled drawings and the blood effects are the absolute worst. The audio is awfully tinny and it’s hilarious because things like RPG missiles sound like they’re straight from the VFX of a cheesy 80s action film.

Image via Starlight Gaming India

Standard Controls but comes with a clunky UI

The controls are pretty standard although at times it can be a pain to go through doorways and windows and it might look a little oddly synced up with the visuals but it’s manageable. The UI really does seem to resemble some other titles and is a little clunky but it works as intended as well. Nothing too bad here which is actually good for this game. 

IAPs can help unlock weapons and skins but can’t kill the game’s glitches

This is where the game’s loose ends show through with many players reporting issues with the game’s player data and accounts system, connectivity, and the general state of the game. We encountered some major issues with lag which were on the game’s end so maybe the servers are to blame. Like most other free-to-play titles, this game also has ads (optional) along with IAPs in the form of currency you can use to unlock weapons and skins, among other cosmetics. 

Final Verdict 

It’s not uncommon for game developers to make use of their nationality in their USP. This one uses the tag “#IndiaKaApnaGame” on their website and the game has gained a fair amount of popularity because of this and being a battle royale title. That being said, the history of games of Indian origin is far from one that shows off a whole lot of promise with most games being a hit or a miss.

In the case of Raider Six, the game actually garnered over a million pre-registrations in a few days. The real catch, however, is that this is not really an “Indian” game with China-based Softstar Entertainment actually being behind the title. It is more than evident that this game lacks in certain areas without having something that gives it what it needs to be worth playing.

There are much better options worth considering and the hype that this title creates isn’t justified with the gameplay, as evident in this Raider Six review. This honestly feels like a repeat of FAU-G (A long time ago but sort of relevant in this situation) and it’s not a good situation for a game to be in. Right now, all we can say is that if you’re looking for something in this genre, this game just doesn’t make the cut. 

RAIDER SIX review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 6.5
Gamemodes - 6
Graphics and Music - 6.5
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 8



RAIDER SIX is a semi-decent game at best. There are much better options worth considering and the hype that this title creates isn’t justified with the gameplay

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