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Raziel: Dungeon Arena review: An amazing Hack and Slash delight

Your enemy is on his last leg

Raziel: Dungeon Arena is the new hack and slash game that is breaking all the records. Its an Action RPG game that also provides Co-op features. Basically, its a lengthy single-player action-packed game with multiplayer dungeon raids. It’s available for both Android and iOS which is from the IndraSoft production. IndraSoft is a China-based developer which has done an insane job on the production. They are also responsible for developing assets for games like Final Fantasy, Saints Row, and Tomb Raider. Like its a very rare scenario that you get to play a console-like game on your phone. Here we dive into some of the aspects of the game in this Raziel: Dungeon Arena Review.

The game has an epic storyline

Talking about the gameplay, the single-player mode covers a lengthy 10 chapter which consists of 60 levels, including boss fights, hordes, undead, and other beasts. The gameplay is similar to the old school hack and slash, gliding your way through fighting the beasts.

Raziel Dungeon Arena review

The story starts in the city of Being which is one of the last known refuges for the good guys. The player now goes on a journey to take revenge upon the beings responsible for the destruction of the world into darkness. The fully narrated comic helps you to understand the story well and guide you through the land of dark fantasy comic tales.  After you cover the 10 chapters, you can raid the dungeon arenas in multiplayer mode with 4 player co-op system and gather gear craftings.

The multiplayer mode covers 120 levels filled with random quests, enemies, and much more. The tag-team feature in this game is one heck of a thing that differs from other games of this genre. The tag-team feature allows you to bring two heroes on the battlefield and you can swap them while in a battle so that you can use the different types of abilities of these heroes in order to fight the enemies properly.

Raziel offers an unparalleled AAA experience on your mobiles

The game has stunning graphics that can easily be compared to any PC game. It’s been done beautifully with the advanced Unity3D graphics. The roads, palaces, the light, and shadow parts, and especially the battle sequences are beautifully done. The spotlight effect on your character in the dark background really brings suspense to it. The beasts and the bosses are created perfectly with minute detailing and effects. Especially when you are in the lobby the market effect of it is quite good as it makes you be able to wander around discovering stuff and new mods. Now talking about minute detailing we specifically liked the effect of leaves falling from the trees, which brings the apocalyptical effect which totally goes with the storyline.

Raziel Dungeon Arena review

Now let’s talk about the character graphics. The characters overall are not that detailed but the specific tag-lines give them an interesting look. The accessories like the armors, helmets, and rings are crafted nicely but the character doesn’t show it wearing which is sometimes confusing. But overall it looks perfectly blended with the dark nature of the game. You can also buy some great skins and cloths if you want to. Not only that, the optimization of the game is pretty stable and there are no lags or connection problems.

The music on the other hand is quite impressive too. The sound effects are prompt and the background music is set in a suspenseful nature. It will keep you hooked for hours. The voices of the characters are totally realistic and the music changes according to the situation in the comic. Overall, the music and sound effects are pretty decent and beautiful. 

The game gives you a precise control system

You get to use three types of controls in Raziel. The first is the default controls where you have the joystick on the left side to control your character. Meanwhile, on the right side, you have the skills and the attack buttons to use. You need to look in the direction of your target in order to aim, or else he may miss some attacks. In the default controls, the joystick is not fixed and can be used anywhere on the left side of the screen. The second one is the fixed joystick mode where the joystick is fixed on the left side and the remaining controls are the same. The third one is somewhat similar to the default.

Raziel Dungeon Arena review

The controls overall are pretty much the basic. You just need to control the character with the joystick well. The main motive of the game is to survive as in the higher levels it gets pretty tough too. You need to spam the regeneration skill in order to maintain full health and take on as low damage as possible so that during the fight with the bosses you can at least put up a fight. You also need to strategize the skills well in your mind or else it can go very wrong.

Final Thoughts

For the multiplayer fans, Raziel: Dungeon Arena has dozen of Co-op modes to choose from and to play along with your friends. The game pleases the eyes in every way with eye-pleasing graphics, ambient dark-themed light, and detailed textures. It is extremely well narrated and the storyline is beautiful. The voice qualities are great with realistic sound effects and a suspenseful changing background track.

The gameplay is similar to that of Diablo but its much more advanced. When you reach the higher levels you can gain access to the gold which you can use to craft more items according to your needs from a wide selection of it. Overall from our review perspective, Raziel: Dungeon Arena is a great game to play along with your friends and raid some dungeons together.

What are your opinions on Raziel: Dungeon Arena and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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