Road Redemption Mobile review: A poor attempt to relive the classic title on mobile

An utter disappointment!

Road Redemption Mobile is now available on both Android and iOS. Serving as the spiritual successor of Road Rash ie, one of the best games played by every 90s kid. The game is also an indirect replica of the PC version of Road Redemption which was launched in 2019. Here in this article, we will review Road Redemption Mobile and share our first impressions of the game.

Race with your motorcycle gang in a post-apocalyptic world

Starting off with the Road Redemption Mobile review, the game has two modes to entertain the players; Campaign and Quick Play. In both modes, players have to reach the finish line at the fastest possible rate to win. Players are allowed to knock out the bikers they meet while moving toward the finishing point.

Road Rage Redemption Mobile
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The Campaign mode has some additional dialogues, upgrades, and some unique features compared to the Quick Play mode. These modes don’t have many options in maps for the players which makes them bored after playing a few times. Knocking out other bikers provides some valuable points in the Campaign mode.

Players also get encouraged and think about different strategies for using the knockout methods. Just like Road Rash and Road Redemption PC; players can kick, and beat with chains and sticks to knock down other bikers. These are perhaps some of the interesting points we have come across in the game.

Engage in brutal driving combat and knockout your rivals

The game has lots of features while playing. The main thing for the players is to start with their bikes and reach the finish line at the earliest possible time. But here comes the most interesting thing, players can easily knock out their opponents while they overtake them. Players come with various options such as wrenches, guns, sticks, chains, physical attacks, and many more.

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The best is to grab the collar region of the opponent rider and ride him in front of any upcoming vehicle. Road Redemption Mobile has some selected sets of bike skins that are very simple. The game has no special skins which can be purchased with the help of real-time transactions as well. 

The game offers subpar graphics and visuals

Road Redemption Mobile has really disappointed us with its graphics and animations. Even at the highest settings, the in-game surroundings seem hilarious and the highest FPS rate allowance is 30FPS only. Compared to the PC version, the graphics are very poor that every Road Redemption fan would better opt not to play the game.

Skins can be bought via IAPs but you are better off without it

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Players do not have many options to purchase special packs in the game. There is only one skin upgradable feature that costs $8 for the players. It consists of some extraordinary features that are although not certainly not that worthy to spend money on.

Final Thoughts

Road Redemption Mobile offers very little and is a big blow in the name of Nostalgia. It has literally no such connection with the Road Rash game itself. Although the Road Redemption PC version is overpowered as it has such good graphics and a well-developed game, the mobile version has been awful.  

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Road Rash came with so many maps and so many different rankings with different sets of skins and bike models. But Road Redemption Mobile has literally no such features and thus many players end up getting bored after playing for just a few hours.

The graphics are absolutely ridiculous and disappoints the fans a lot. Additionally, the gameplay features like the knockout methods are the only interesting things, but apart from that Road Redemption Mobile is a very disheartening one for the fans and has inherited nothing from its predecessor; Road Rash.

Road Redemption Mobile review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 6
Gamemodes - 5
Graphics and Music - 4
Controls and UI - 6.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



Road Redemption Mobile is not a worthy game at all for the Road Rash fans. The game has a lot of disadvantages and bugs which are required to be fixed. The graphics and FPS rate must be improved as soon as possible for a better experience too.

What are your opinions on the Road Redemption Mobile game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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