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Rockman X Dive brings back the Mega Man nostalgia to mobile devices

Get Ready for the Real ARPG "Rockman X Dive"

Rockman X Dive is a new mobile game in the Action-Adventure genre. Developed by the popular Capcom Taiwan, this game brings a nostalgic MegaMan experience to mobile. Fans have waited 16 years for another release in the Megaman X franchise, expectations are considerably high.

While the game does fit in well with the series, there are a number of features that could be improved, and the excessive micro-transactions spoil the experience. However, this game is worth a try, especially if you are one of the big fans of the franchise have waited 16 years for a new release. After having spent some time with this game, we have found that the gameplay element itself may make the game appealing to non-MegaMan fans as well. The anime-type look of the game may put you off, but it is definitely worth a go, you may find the concepts of the game addicting and fun. Here are our thoughts on the game.

The game offers stunning graphics

As soon as you jump in, you will see that the game performance is at a very high level. With this being a 2D platformer type game, there isn’t much you can do to elevate the gameplay experience aside from improving graphics. Capcom has done a pretty good job of doing so.

Rockman X Dive Graphics

Even at low level phones, you should be able to run this game pretty well. You can tweak the graphic settings to your satisfaction if necessary as well.

In-game controls can be troublesome

It was expected that the controls will be difficult in this game. The controls can sometimes cover the enemies, creating a very irritating obstruction. Not only that, but the buttons are also a little unresponsive. Sometimes you are left spamming the attacking button with no response, this can turn out to be a huge problem.


On a side note, the ideas for the controls are simple and easy. Targeting is automatic, the abilities are relatively easy to handle and the ability to combine buttons by swiping is helpful. You can swipe from the dash button to the jump button to create a nice combination of smooth movement.

Overall, the controls can get a little awkward and clunky at times. However, with the gameplay being pretty simple, this isn’t a huge problem.

Rockman X Dive offers a lenient and relaxed gameplay

Although the game offers some very simple gameplay, it can be a little too forgiving. Making mistakes will punish you, but not as much as you would expect. For example, falling in a pit of spikes will not instantly kill you, but it will take a good chunk of health. This second chance makes the game much less frustrating, which can be a good thing.

Rockman X Dive Gameplay

However, a lot of the fun in platformers comes from the idea of how the smallest mistakes have the biggest differences. With the chances Dive offers, sometimes you can just easily cruise through levels. Maybe, this is what Capcom was trying to achieve, a simple game anyone can pick up and play. In that case, they’ve done a pretty good job of doing that.

Content is the king

There are a ton of game modes for you to try out ranging from the classic Story Mode to an online PVP mode. The game will surely keep you occupied with something to do for quite a while. Although the PVP modes are filled with hackers and P2W players, you will get a good opponent every once in a while. When that happens, the game does get very interesting.


As well as game modes, Dive offers a lot of customization, you can customize your character, unlock/upgrade new weapons, and much more. There is a visible grind opportunity here, the more you play, the better your character gets. The only problem here is the fact that some players can skip the grind with real money, which spoils the game, which brings us nicely onto the next topic.

Too many micro-transactions spoil the experience

This game is heavily reliant on micro-transactions. To get a good character with good weapons, you will need to either spend a huge chunk of time or a huge chunk of your money. The low drop rates for weapons don’t help the case either.

Rockman X Dive Micro Transactions

It was obvious that this game will definitely be a P2W game, as with all the other games like this. Regardless, if you can avoid the micro-transactions and focus solely on the offline element of the game, you should be pretty satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a long-awaited game with some very good features and some not-so-good features. If you can refrain from the P2W element, you should enjoy the game, especially if you are one of the fans that waited 16 years for this game. If you are not a usual fan of such games, we would suggest that you should give it a try if possible. You may enjoy some parts of the gameplay. The devs seem to be working with the community pretty well, so expect some good future improvements.

Rockman X Dive is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in most Asian markets including Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and of course, Taiwan. If the game shows unavailable in your region, you can still grab the APK file from the official Capcom Taiwan website.

Did you find this Rockman X Dive review useful? If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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