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Rogue Agents is a new multiplayer shooter game from the house of Midnight Games. This game combines third-person shooting with a parkour-based movement system. Here players will be able to traverse the world in any way to take out the enemy and become the best agent.

But as it is currently released in open beta so there are quite a few bugs and glitches which will be mentioned less often.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay aspects have quite some potential. The mechanics are incredibly smooth with fluid animations where you can directionally roll, slide, wall run, vault over objects, and climb ledges. There is also a cover system in the game. This is where you can take cover by crouching behind objects, protecting you from forwarding attacks. The shooting system is easy to use and there is also the option of using throwable explosives as well.

Rogue Agents
Rogue Agents Gameplay

The problem with this many forms of traversal means that everyone is constantly moving around non-stop which removes the tactical aspect of the game. This means hiding behind cover is no longer useful since there will always be an enemy behind you. To fix this, the cover-system should have to have its own unique advantages. This would balance with the disadvantages, for example, a way of shooting while behind cover without exposing much of yourself.

Wall-running is an interesting concept but is used very rarely since it is hard to see where it can be used. In each map, there should be some way of showing walls which are used for running on. In Modern Combat Versus, the areas where you can wall-run are clearly shown with big arrows. Something less obtrusive than this would be great for Rogue Agents.

Gameplay issues you might face

A minor problem with climbing ledges is that you are stuck once you are on them and so players would generally avoid them. It would be nice if there was a way of shooting while on a ledge.

Rogue Agents gameplay

A huge problem with the shooting system is close-quarter combat. We found it very hard trying to get out alive in these kinds of situations. Moreover, these situations are very common. In COD Mobile, the close-quarter situations are difficult but manageable and satisfying when you get out alive. In Rogue Agents, the hip-fire accuracy is very low and so players often find themselves running around in circles in an attempt to hit shots at the opponent.

If you kill first, it feels more like you got luckier than the opponent rather than you out-played your opponent. A way of improving this could be by adding some sort of melee combat system. This would loosen tight situations a bit and give more options in combat. You can watch a sample Rogue Agents gameplay in this video:

Graphics and Controls

The graphics in this game are nice and clean for a mobile game. The maps are varied in terms of style and layout and the animations are very fluid. The only thing to improve on in this section would be the movement of the camera. It gets very glitchy, especially while you’re in the cover positions, however, we understand the game is in early access and this is a bug that is in the process of being fixed.

The controls could be a tiny bit more responsive, with the use of visual feedback, like we said previously, shooting is inaccurate and it doesn’t feel like you are hitting anything unless it is an enemy, a more clear way of showing that you a pressing the shoot button would be good. Apart from this, the look and feel of this game are pretty good all round.

In-game Items

There are 4 types of currencies in this game:

  • Cash – Reward for playing well in online games
  • Coins – Can be bought through IAP Purchases, or through crates
  • Puzzle pieces – Collected from duplicate items through crates
  • Crates – Can be bought with coins, or earned by playing matches, this type takes a certain amount of time to open

As you can see, the structure is quite generic and like other games, but it is also seen as the best structure. Cash can be used to buy weapons, coins can be used to buy crates. These crates can be opened to give coins or skins/agents, and you get puzzle pieces for every duplicate item.

Rogue Agents
All characters in Rogue Agents

The agents are essentially skins for your character, there are quite a few of them all of which have a rarity. They do not give any in-game benefits apart from bragging rights, so you could say they are cosmetics, the weapon skins work in the same way.

There is a large variety of weapons that you can buy for primary and secondary, each having their own variations of stats. You can use attachments to boost certain stats and improve the quality of the gun. One thing you can’t change is the throwable grenade, but since the game is in open-beta, we assume this is already a thing ready to be added.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game has a lot of potentials. The main menu/reward system is generic and used by a lot of games but it isn’t much else we can do about it. The graphics and animations of the game are pretty good for a mobile game. The variety of gameplay will only get better. For now, there are only 3 modes and 5 maps, more should be on their way. The gameplay is unique, and a lot of the game’s potential lies here. Right now, the gameplay is restricted to only one main playstyle. But with a couple of additions and adjustments to increase the number of options you have when entering a gunfight, the gameplay will be much better than it already is. Here is the official Rogue Agents trailer to give you the feel before you actually start playing the game:

Rogue Agents Official Trailer

You can download the game for both Android/iOS platforms directly from here:

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