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Snowbreak Containment Zone Review: An engaging futuristic RPG that could be better

Great characters with good graphics is a plus

Snowbreak Containment Zone is a brand new 3D Sci-fi RPG that offers a next-gen, cross-platform gaming experience. It follows a once-thriving city that has now transformed into the desolate and ruined Containment Zone Aleph. Your mission is to fearlessly embark on challenging quests alongside extraordinary beings known as Manifestations. With the recent release of Snowbreak Containment Zone, initial impressions of the game have been positive, influencing players’ decisions on whether to dive into this gaming experience. In this review, we will share our initial impressions and provide our ratings for Snowbreak Containment Zone.

A pretty good gameplay experience to begin with

The gameplay is pretty simple, beat your enemies, finish the boss, and reap the rewards. One notable aspect is the excellent guidance system that has been integrated. This system enables players to track nearby enemies and provides a helpful guide path line to follow to your next progress/save point, making navigation and progression through the game easier and more enjoyable.

Snowbreak Containment Zone gameplay
Image via Seasun Games

It had its fair share of optimization problems early into the launch. The character movement felt very sluggish, with a lot of problems with the D-Pad and irresponsive controls. But the development team impressed me with their swift actions to address the issues. Within a couple of days, they improved the game significantly, leading to a much more pleasant experience. The game grew on me fairly quickly, and I found myself becoming more immersed and engaged as the problems were resolved.

A smooth UI but might have been arranged better

The UI is pretty smooth and the use of pleasing audio effects for every click adds an extra layer of appeal to the overall user experience. I despise UIs that are cluttered and come in with useless transitions which further makes it a horrible experience. Many games have spoiled the fun of having a bad UI, but this game has impressed me.

Snowbreak Containment Zone UI
Image via Seasun Games

Having said that, I felt that there could have been some improvements on the arrangement front. Not that it isn’t neat, but the menu options on the home screen are arranged in a way that sometimes confuses you, say they highlight the events in a large font whereas finding weapons or operatives is a tricky state with smaller menu boxes.

A gripping storyline makes the part unskippable

I’m a fan of storylines. The reason behind this is that I feel they tend to give a good blend with the original gameplay experience although many players feel that intricate or lengthy storylines can sometimes slow you down in enjoying the overall game. However, in the case of the Snowbreak Containment Zone, it seems different, fresh, and interesting.

Snowbreak Containment Zone stroyline
Image via Seasun Games

The narration is well done. The fact that it doesn’t feel AI-generated speaks to the skillful storytelling and attention to detail by the game’s developers, which helps in creating a more immersive experience. Honestly, I do feel some of the complex words went over my head since it is futuristic, but overall it is a gripping part of the story.

Amazing graphics steal the show

Sci-fi RPGs with some intense action get discarded if they fail in delivering a good graphics-inflicted product. Games that boast impressive graphics and visuals typically have a higher chance of success, as they tend to attract players and create a more immersive gaming experience. Snowbreak Containment Zone is one such title. Every action the character has is simply well-animated.

Snowbreak Containment Zone graphics
Image via Seasun Games

Especially when you perform the special moves, there’s no trace of stuttering or subpar visual effects, ensuring seamless and visually gratifying graphics, even during the cutscenes that are beautifully directed. Moreover, the attention to detail extends to the mini-maps that guide players through the captivating storylines. These maps are thoughtfully designed, offering just the right detail and shadows making the experience worthwhile.

Controls need to be better for an action title of this scale

Snowbreak Containment Zone gameplay
Image via Seasun Games

Well, I think I have praised certain things enough, but coming to the controls, here I feel I’ve been cheated on. The available control options feel constrained, potentially hindering the level of freedom and fluidity you usually expect from RPGs. Specifically, I feel somewhat disappointed with the implementation of the gyro controls. Given that the game offers specific settings related to gyro control options, I expected a more immersive and engaging experience in that aspect.

Free of ad interruptions, less content behind a paywall

The game is free of ads, “Yay! Happy!” but you can get some freebies if you would like to buy by playing ads, which I feel isn’t necessary given the game is rewarding enough. If you choose to, you can purchase in-game resources with real money, including a pass that generously grants enticing rewards to enhance your resources further.

Final Verdict

If I had to give a conclusion to this game, it is a great package for those who love futuristic sci-fi titles, which comes with a good plot. Amongst the sea of positives, there are certain areas that the dev team needs to focus on, especially the controls, which I feel need a good change in settings and also allow arrangements. Overall, it is a great game to spend time on, which I’m confident will improve as time goes on. With this, I conclude my Snowbreak Containment Zone Review.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 8.5
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



An engaging action RPG filled with futuristic elements that manages to check off almost all the boxes, except for its control settings, which, fortunately, have the potential to be easily fixed and improved.

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