Tides: A Fishing Game review: Take a break and go on a solo fishing trip

Get lost in this fun and relaxing idle fishing game

Tides: A Fishing Game is a relaxing simulation game developed by Shallot Games. They are previously known for Vista Golf which is also a relaxing game. The game’s main aim is to detox players from hardcore games and take a break in this soothing and calm game. Here in this article, we will review Tides: A Fishing Game and share our first impressions of the game.

The game puts the player on an island. The goal of the players is to fish and earn coins that can be used for upgrading the island and tools. The game is very easy to understand. The best part about this game isn’t just one way to play this game. Players can choose however they want to play this game. The game also offers objectives that players can complete to earn coins. Players can explore different islands to catch different fish. There are also companions which players can unlock.

Relax and go for a calm fishing trip on uncharted islands

Starting off with the review, the main objective of Tides: A Fishing Game is fishing. It is very simple and easy to fish. Players just have to aim to throw their fishing rod near the fish. Once the fish get caught in the bait simply tap to catch the fish. Players can also hire people for fishing. These people catch fish and sell them. They can be upgraded for more efficiency. The game also offers a variety of fish to catch. 

fishing fish tides Tides: A Fishing Game review

There are several island players that unlock to catch different types of fish. Each island offers some unique fish and each fish has a different price. Fishes also come in different sizes and shapes. Each also has its own price. Even if it’s a fishing game it offers some idle elements through the fishermen.

Explore new islands with your companions in cute little boats

When the player starts the game for the first time they are spawned on an island. The main island has different places which players can explore. These places can be upgraded for more rewards. Players can build different totems which unlock different aspects of the game. There is also a character customization NPC that lets players customize their characters.

boating tides

But most of the customization is blocked behind the premium currency Pearls. Pearls can be brought through real money as well. Players can also buy companions. The first champion is free but players can purchase other companions through companion NPC or can be found through the chest.

These companions also have their own level system. In addition to that, players can also visit other islands. Players will use boats to explore it. These boats can be upgraded to get different designs and more storage capacity.

The game comes with serene visuals and beautiful soothing music

Tides: A Fishing Game has stunning visuals and calming music. The game looks really beautiful. The art style is very similar to Animal Crossing. The visuals and music complement the zen mode which this game tries to achieve. It should be noted that the game doesn’t perform well on low-end devices. The low-end devices can play in low graphics settings which affects the esthetics this game is trying to create.

graphics music tides Tides: A Fishing Game review

All the characters, models and textures are well made. The Fish models also look really great. Different boat models look stunning as well. The game offers two graphics modes: low and high. The game also comes with 30fps and 60fps, Depending on the devices these graphics settings can be changed.

Adverts tend to ruin the relaxing mood bringing us back to reality

But it’s not all stunning and great when it comes to the Advertisements in-game. These Ads ruin the soothing and clamming experience. Though players are given the option to purchase ads out it is expensive. Instead, they should add ads in such a way that it doesn’t affect the gaming experience.

Final Verdict

This game takes players to zen mode with its stunning visuals and clamming music. The idle elements of the gameplay make it a well and perfect relaxing game. The fishing is also simple and nice. The islands are well throughout and made. The boats which are used for traveling are also good. The game has a set of objectives that players can complete but they can completely ditch that and play however they want. 

Besides the frequent ads, the game also has performance issues on low-end devices. The game frame drops randomly which can be a little annoying. The character customization is locked behind the premium currency pearls. Though Pearls can be obtained freely by completing missions they are very hard to grind. This doesn’t go well with the whole relaxing theme.

Tides: A Fishing Game review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Gamemodes - 7
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free to play elements - 6



Tides take players to zen mode with its stunning visuals and clamming music. The idle elements of the gameplay make it a well and perfect relaxing game

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