Tinker Island 2 review: Engage into decision-based adventure title driven by an amazing story

Decision-based adventure game seekers, look no further!

Tinker Island 2 is a survival adventure game and the sequel to Tinker Island: Pixel Art Survival Adventure. Players must survive alongside their fellow survivors to set up bases and establish control over the island.  The first Tinker Island game was actually a pretty well-developed and popular title. Now the question is if Tinker Island 2 is also worth players’ time. In this article, we will review Tinker Island 2 and share our first impressions of the game.  

Tinker Island 2 offers easy-to-grasp gameplay with an emphasis on decision-making skills

Starting off with the review, Tinker Island 2 looks pretty good in terms of the layout and pixelated visuals. The game has a good feel to it and starts off by introducing players to other survivors and teaching them the basics. Hunting, setting up a camp, and starting a campfire will be some of the first few activities players will engage in. 

The gameplay is pretty simple and nothing too hard to learn. It gradually goes through the basics and most of it is tapping and dragging elements around. Decision-making is a major part of the game and players must make quite a few decisions while talking to fellow survivors and completing different activities. 

tinker island 2 review
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The game has two factions: The Villagers and Citizens with the Aliens being the main antagonists. Once players pick a side, they have to complete a bunch of quests in order to help their side establish dominance over the island. There’s a pretty good story too which does a good job of taking the player through the game and the decisions that players can make allow them quite a bit of freedom although at times the game will push you in the direction where it wants you to go. 

Bug-free gameplay that gets increasingly challenging as players progress

The island that the game is set on is also hiding some mysteries and has a bunch of locations to discover (more than 50). Players will also have to build and set up settlements and fight various enemies. The battle interface is pretty easy to get used to as advertised by the devs and players will have to upgrade their stats in order to keep up with the game’s rising difficulty.

There are a bunch of wild animals, mutants and aliens to fight so make sure that your survivors are always prepared to fight. There’s not much in the way of character customization (players can choose from a small palette of pre-designed characters) but that’s not really a major con.

tinker island 2 review
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Also, the game does become grind-y and harder as you progress so although the game looks simple and easy, it can be quite challenging at times. There were not any bugs and glitches observed and it seems like the developers ironed out most in the game’s earlier testing phases. 

Simple controls but the pixelated design falls short due to lack of soundtrack

Visually, the pixelated 2D look goes pretty well with the gameplay. There’s some artwork thrown in at times to help visualize the survivors’ action that adds a nice touch too. The sound effects are pretty decent although there doesn’t seem to be a soundtrack like there was in Tinker Island 2’s prequel. The only issue here was with the gameplay where some animations could have been added to the battles for a better experience. 

tinker island 2 review
Image via Tricky Tribe

The controls are really simple since most of it is clicking and dragging objects around. The haptic feedback feels a little too strong so turning it off might be recommended. The UI is really clean and simple. The main menu and actual game are fused together but it doesn’t feel too cramped and there’s nothing negative to be stated here. 

While IAPs help in levelling up faster, grinding can achieve the same

The game does not have ads (which is an upgrade over its prequel) although it does have quite a few IAPs. With real-life cash, players can buy a bunch of resources and in-game currency to get some chests. This does make progression easier but while the game is difficult and a little grindy, it isn’t that hard to play through and put in the effort required to progress. The game will give you a lot of items including chests of lower rarities for free. 

Final Verdict 

If you’ve played Tinker Island: Pixel Art, this is definitely an upgrade in terms of the gameplay, visuals, and a bunch of other elements. The only downgrade was the lack of a soundtrack but that’s pretty much it. This game doesn’t have ads either. If you’re into decision-based story-driven adventure titles, Tinker Island 2 is a must-play. 

The story is pretty well thought out and there are quite a few witty remarks thrown around that make it even better. The game isn’t too hard and is quite friendly to new players and it hardly can give anyone any points to complain about. It also feels a little faster-paced than its prequel in the series. 

All things considered, this is a pretty good game that deserves attention from players looking for their next adventure game. 

Tinker Island 2 review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay - 9
Graphics and Audio - 8
Controls and UI - 9
F2P Elements - 8
Character Customization - 7



If you’re into decision-based story-driven adventure titles, Tinker Island 2 is a must-play.

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