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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad review: Immerse into the Tom Clancy universe in this military RPG

Assemble your Elite squad for an engaging battle!

Ubisoft recently released their long-awaited mobile game, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. The announcement trailer and the sneak-peeks had set high expectations amongst fans. And finally, the game has officially been released worldwide. This mobile RPG pits you into the Tom Clancy universe and encourages you to build a team with your favorite characters. The game heavily focuses on providing an elaborate and detailed story experience for players to dive into. Although the gameplay itself seems a little below par, the brilliant campaign mode may interest you. Apart from all this, since this is a Ubisoft game, it is definitely worth a try. This article will focus on the review of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and other features of this game.

About Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad unites characters from multiple Tom Clancy universes together in a gripping storyline. You can unlock characters and use them to build a team to take into battle. In each battle, your team will automatically move, shoot, and use their special abilities, while you can just watch. You, as the commander, are giving the ability to send combat orders, which can help out your team.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

There is a big focus on the storyline of Elite Squad, as the game offers multiple campaigns for you to complete. There is also a multiplayer arena mode which pits you against other players. You can earn rewards from battles which can then be exchanged for upgrades on your team members.

Substantial graphics and music

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

A huge game company like Ubisoft has high standards on any of their games. As such, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad lives to those standards pretty well. The main graphic style is low-poly and gives the game a nice animated feel. The music also fits the game very well. There really is nothing to complain about, the quality and the performance of the game are as good as they should be.

Elaborate Storyline is what attracts everybody

This game is essentially a mass crossover between multiple Tom Clancy universes. Characters from multiple game series join forces in a very gritting and detailed storyline. Clearly, the main focus of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is to provide an elaborate campaign mode to mobile players.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

If you are a fan of games having an in-depth emphasis on the story, then Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will definitely have you interested.

Level of interaction is quite low

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, the choices you make out of a match matters a lot more than choices during a match. The player’s role during a match is to simply observe the battles and occasionally press buttons to activate the combat orders. These orders are necessary to use in a battle, but there is no sense of tactical advantage within them.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

Overall, the actual gameplay of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad appears to be a bit stale. After a few games, you may start to find battles getting repetitive. Engaging in the story seems to be the best possible way you will enjoy this game.

In-game characters bring a nostalgic feel

The characters in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad are taken from many other games in Tom Clancy universe. If you are a long-term fan of Tom Clancy, you will surely feel some heart-warming nostalgia after seeing the character roster. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad boasts the likes of many classic heroes and villains, including Major David Crenshaw, Scott Mitchell and of course, Sam Fisher. As well as the olden characters, Elite Squad’s roster also welcomes the more recent characters, including Montagne, Caveira and Tachanka.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

With all of this nostalgia, you may want to play Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad simply to relive the experience of your favorite Tom Clancy characters and see them in the heat of a battle one more time.

There is a lot of Content to take in

Similar to many mobile games, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has a ton of different currencies and items that can be traded. It will take a decent chunk of time to understand the purpose of everything.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad review

Despite the absence of obtrusive ads, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad still manages to annoy you with chunks of monetization everywhere. This is one of those games where success can easily be bought with real money. You are much better off playing single player, the gameplay is pretty much the same, and you won’t meet any pay-to-win / hackers either.

Final Thoughts

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is just a normal mobile game, but with the Tom Clancy skin all over it. This is a good game to go for, but the lack of imagination and the predictability of the game makes it pretty repetitive and boring after a while. However, maybe the actual Tom Clancy references interest you.

Whatever the problem be, since this is a Ubisoft game, it is definitely worth a try. The game has been released globally and is available on both Android and iOS.

What are your opinions and review on Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad? Do let us know in the comments!

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