Toy Rider: Racing review: Power up on all the Gears

Keep the wheels turning!

Toy Rider: Racing is an all-new racing game made by Omnaya Studios. The Gujarat-based studio is also renowned for other titles including The Curse of the Solomon Cross, Apple guard, and a lot more. Toy Rider is the latest title they have released. The game sets its race course in an environment inside a house. Multiple objects are lined up one after another in a very specific way so that they can function as a proper race track. The game gets more interesting because of the extra power-ups and handlings. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the Toy Rider: Racing review.

Toy Rider: Racing offers a simplistic yet fast-paced gameplay

As the name suggests it’s a racing game. However, this is not the average racing game you see everywhere. The tutorial explains the controls of the car in an adequate manner. Unlike other games that serve a longer tutorial, this game’s tutorial is short.

Toy Rider All Star racing review, Toy Rider All Star racing
Image via Omnaya

To get straight into racing, players have to press the “Race” button. One aspect that bothered us in the game is the underhanded techniques that the game follows to make players spend their precious gems. Another problem a player might face is the game’s selection of return points.

After a player falls out of the track, the game automatically spawns them back to the track.  Oftentimes, the car gets spawned on the other car on the track. And since the car gets unstable, the player loses control of the car and again gets out of the track and more importantly, loses position. Pressing the stage button, the player can see the progression tree and also the status of the branch levels.

Image via Omnaya

There are more than 16 levels. The higher the finishing position is, the more stars the player will get. With more stars comes better rewards and new cars. In the race, the AI is really a bit aggressive. That really makes it a battle of skills and controls. The game features a range of powerups, like fireballs, missiles, and time stopper/ time slower.

Powerups spice the tracks up

One thing that definitely deserves a mention in this review is that powerups are basically the reason why every match is so thrilling and so exciting.  Players can win a race even with the slowest car on the grid if they use the power-ups at the right place and at the right time and that’s not even the end of it. There are special power-ups that change the way you play the game, be it a bull or John Wick.

image via Omnaya, Toy Rider All Star racing
image via Omnaya

People can also ram/ push other players’ cars, thanks to the mechanics. However, for the cars being small and nimble in size, ramming causes the opposite effect. People with good control of their fingers can regain control in an instant but might be a challenge for novice players.

If the car runs out of the surface area, it will drop into the open space causing a disqualification and making a mandatory return back to the track. Because of this, the player will lose lap time or even worse, positions. As the race is fun, these other facts also make every race both a challenge and fun for the players.

The game offers a decent garnishing on graphics and audio

Now let’s talk about the graphics of this game. With the gameplay being so much fun, players won’t have to worry about the graphics. The quality of the graphics seems appropriate. The game also offers options for higher-quality graphics.

The only difference noticed in high graphics mode is the increase in details. This high definition is also noticeable even on the startup screen of the game. The high graphics mode does change the quality of the gameplay.

Toy Rider All Star racing review, Toy Rider All Star racing
Image via Omnaya

More importantly, the device doesn’t have to be high-end to run in high graphics mode. The audio is also well-suited for the game. The music does bring a proper feeling for the gameplay along with an option to lower the audio and how much the player wants.

Final Thoughts

We looked at every nook and corner of the game. We were astonished and amazed. This is how a good game should be. The game itself is basic but fun. A lacking we felt was the absence of a multiplayer system. The game is indeed good and it’s really exciting to play. But multiplayer is the only thing it lacks. We hope that developers would add this feature in the upcoming times.

As a racing game, the game is different in terms of the environment setting and concept. The game is expected to make its place in the minds of the players within a short time as this game is fun to play. After all, who doesn’t like fun? To sum up this Toy Rider: Racing review, overall the game seems pretty amazing in its own way with its innovative setting, minimal hassle, and wider and easier accessibility.

Toy Rider: Racing review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 6.5
Game Progression - 6.5
Graphics and Audio - 6
Controls and UI - 7.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



Toy Rider: Racing seems pretty amazing in its own way with its innovative setting, minimal hassle, and wider and easier accessibility with a few hiccups in the way.

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