Walk Master Review: Learn to walk on stilts


Play as a variety of silly characters in this challenging and fun stilt walking simulator, Walk Master. This game by the studio Two Men and a Dog is easy to pick up, but hard to master. The controls are straightforward, but as the terrain becomes more complex, so too must your strategies to complete the level. You simply control one stilt at a time and try not to fall over or hit anything… easy right? At first, it is, but this game quickly introduces obstacles that make it very difficult.

Character Customization

In Walk Master, you are able to not only unlock lots of different characters to play with but also hats and other accessories by using in-game currency. The coins you spend can be won by playing the game or purchased using real money. I was able to buy many different characters to play as during my time playing this game, so I feel the pacing is good for free character acquisition. Each accessory you purchase can be used on any of the other characters, so once you have a look you like, you can stick with it.


Walk Master has a bit too many commercials for my taste. However, they are usually less than 30 seconds. The game seems to hold off on giving too many commercials in rapid succession, especially if you have not made any progress in the game which is nice. Unfortunately, if you are progressing quickly, but also dying often, there are quite a few commercials. If you love the game or hate advertisements, Walk Master gives you the option to remove the ads for just $2.99. The other form of monetization is buying coins for accessories. These accessories can easily be earned by progressing in the game, so for me, they did this part right.

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