Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe review: Embark on an amazing adventure alongwith Woodle

Explore a total of 8 immersive worlds alongside Woodle!

Developed by Fabio Ferrara and published by Chubby Pixel, Woodle Tree Adventure Deluxe is an amazing 3-D classic platformer game that’s filled with adorable tree-like characters and lots of bright colors. The deluxe version includes a variety of new levels and despite being smaller in size, it offers a far-fetching world that could easily expand come future releases. So if you’re into retro gaming like some of us at, then you’ll probably stumble upon the influences and hints and influences from other popular classic games all over the world in this game. And while this game is new to the mobile platform, it somehow delivers nostalgic vibes and that’s not the only thing it offers so without wasting further time, here’s our full review of Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe on mobile.

Collect raindrops and berries and explore different worlds with Woodle

Starting off with the Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe review, the game’s story is brief and easy to follow through. It kicks off with a conversation between a gigantic tree who refers to the player (a smaller tree) as his little son. The conversation was very brief and you’re told by this bigger tree that your purpose is to bring water to this thirsty world and to do that you’ll need to collect fairy tears. He also mentioned that if you collect enough fairy tears, you might even discover a whole new world.

woodle gameplay 2

The bigger tree then shows you an example of a fairy tear and moves you into a home he has built for you. Those are pretty much the only cutscenes you’ll see throughout the game. Playing as a little tree, your job is to locate fairy tears and collect them in each level that you play. Enemies can be destroyed with a special leaf you carry as your weapon while searching your world for fairy tears, berries, or other desired items.

Completing one level instantly unlocks another but only in the case of having enough relevant items to progress. You don’t necessarily have to destroy enemies to pass levels but they can sometimes get in the way and make things a bit difficult for you. While some enemies are stationary, some are more aggressive. Each level requires you to retrieve up to three fairy tears in order to complete the level. Berries are not as relevant as fairy tears but you’ll need them if you wish to unlock new levels in the game.

Smooth controls and character movements keeps the gameplay simplistic

We must admit that the mechanics used for the mobile platform in this game are much better than we expected. Controls are smooth and easy, they’re stable enough for anyone to get by without a complaint. The game has players doing lots of climbing which could’ve made falling a bit easier. But like on all platforms it’s released on, the developers did good work with the game controls.

woodle gameplay 1

The character movement is also pretty smooth and he has a house where you can cool off and try new things. It’s not exactly a big house from the outside but from the inside, it looks bigger than it seems.

Berries are an important part of the game because every new leaf becomes more powerful when striking enemies. The leaves also come in different colors. It’s a cool gameplay feature that adds an aesthetic appeal that not only looks cute but strengthens your attacking abilities.

Cool camera movements and comes with an auto adjustment feature

The camera, while not exactly controllable on mobile, is good enough to make players forget that they can’t move it. The developers made the game such that players won’t have to be moving the camera to adjust to wherever they might be facing. It’s really impressive because the game camera automatically adjusts to any situation or scene that the player might be facing.

woodle scenery

We did experience some minor glitches here and there as we played longer and into farther depths of the world. This sometimes leaves me confused as to where we are. We did try this on a different device and we didn’t experience it. So we are guessing the bigger the phone, the less you’re likely to experience these camera glitches.

Smooth and simple polished graphics with vast 3D environments

To be frank the game does offer its own kind of unique graphics that is not only cute but in a way, magical. The developers made the textures simple but also discovered a way to make them pop. Whether you’re scavenging the world day or night looking for items, the game still maintains its vibrant colors.

Enemies are similar to the game character but tend to appear creepy most of the time which players might find to be amusing. Unless you’re playing this game on a low-end device and on its Ultra graphic settings, there really isn’t a glitch in the graphics. It’s all well polished and smooth in that aspect.

Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe review

Amazing sound effects that mixes well with the in-game visuals

The game sound is fitting enough and on most levels, catchy. They did a good job choosing the music as it feels like a worthy inclusion to the game. Both the game’s audio and visual appeal were satisfying on mobile. It tries to be in its own lane without necessarily sounding like a knockoff from other 3D platformers.

The overall sound effect is impressive as well. And they’re a bit different from what we were expecting. A cool music instrument plays when collecting berries and a new pitch starts to play every time you pick up a berry which is a cool new feature.

Final Verdict

Playing Woodle Tree Adventure Deluxe was an amazing experience. We caught glimpses of really cute tree-like characters which made me smile alongside their amazing little world. With the way the game is made, it’s hard to criticize it because there’s hardly something to criticize. Not to mention that the game is very forgiven and even when you get killed or fall and fail a level, you hardly get upset.

It’s one of the many platformers out there that requires patience more than skill which many players would appreciate. The game doesn’t have you thinking too long about what to do but rather it lets you relax and just enjoy the tasks that come with bright colors and cool music which gives provides positive vibes.

Woodle Tree Adventure Deluxe is a game to play if you want to play a game that lets you do something important without necessarily stressing you about it. It’s a game that will most likely cheer you up as you play and encounter new things. The only turn-off for us was the graphics glitch. Even when it’s set too low or medium, the game still lags in certain locations and on mid-range devices. Anyhow, I hope the developers will take a look at this and try to fix it in future updates.

Nevertheless from our review perspective, Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is a delightful game that’ll take you to a very unique world and have you hunt for fairy tears in order to save your world and hopefully discover new worlds in the process.

What are your opinions on the Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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