4 Ways to Boost Home Wi-Fi For better Mobile Gaming

One of the most exciting as well as important developments in the history of the internet is the introduction of the wireless network. In the past, people had to use cable wires or telephone lines to connect their devices to the internet. But now no one wants to be chained to wires as people enjoy freedom and flexibility. Wi-Fi connectivity has many benefits like connecting multiple devices to the internet simultaneously, offering high-speed internet like the ones you can find in Spectrum internet plans with unlimited downloading and browsing. However, as beneficial as Wi-Fi seems to be, it can be equally problematic as well if your internet is plagued by bad reception or slow internet speed. There are some techniques through which you can improve the reception of your internet along with its speed. Here are 4 authentic ways to boost the Wi-Fi speed for your smartphone devices.

1. Use the latest technology of Wireless Internet

Using the latest technology is considered to be the best way to ensure that your internet is stable and fast. Always use new hardware equipment as it has the latest technological parts that improve the reliability of your wireless internet.

If you stream HD videos online on a regular basis and download heavy files from websites, then you need to have the updated versions of the router and the modem that you have installed at your home as they give out strong signals that can easily propagate easily around your house. It is extremely easy to set up a wireless network. And companies like Google and Eero have made it even simpler for you to go through the process.

2. Choose the best spot for your modem

Routers and modems can look unpleasant when they are placed at the center of the living room. But believe it or not, that is the perfect spot for them because they can cover the whole house with their signals when placed centrally. You should place your routers and modems at a location where you can receive full signals. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy high internet speed. Walls and obstructions limit the signals of the wireless network so it is better to place them in a wide area where they can send out their signals and each and every member of your house can benefit from the internet service.

3. Find the Perfect Channel

When your neighbors have routers and modems installed at their house, their wireless network may interfere with yours, making it slow and unstable. Therefore, you need to find the perfect channel for your wireless in order to enjoy an uninterruptable internet service. You can also improve the connection with your smart devices by optimizing the signal strength. In addition to this, change the password of Wi-Fi from time to time. Because such things often get leaked and when multiple users are trying to access the internet over the same connection, speeds can get a little dicey.

4. Do Not Let Other Appliances Interfere

Your neighbor’s router is not the only thing that can cause disruption in your network; there are many other factors as well, such as other appliances at your home. Your home appliances like microwaves and telephones can also interfere with your network, making it slower than before. So make sure that your router is located away from these appliances. Find the ideal placement for your router so that the signals do not interfere with other electronics. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning the fact that signals often get distorted when the modem is placed in a closed area with walls surrounding it from all four sides. Such places do not allow signals to roam around your entire place lagging your mobile internet speed.

So, follow the aforementioned tips to improve your modem’s signal strength. And it will surely boost the wi-fi speed for mobile devices.

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