Gears Pop review: Gears of War Mobile

Gears of War mobile is here! Gears of War and Funko pop paired up to bring this new game, Gears Pop. Released on August 22, Gears Pop has gained massive popularity in the past 2 weeks. The game witnessed 1 Million downloads already. So let us take a look at Gears Pop review to see what the game has to offer to the players!


gears pop review

Based on Gears universe, Gears pop offers explosive real-time multiplayer battles. Gameplay-wise, Gears Pop is very similar to Clash Royale. As the game is a card-based game, many will say that the game is a rip-off of Clash Royale as the core mechanism of both the games are same. There are 38 cards to collect in the variety of common, rare and epics. In this live multiplayer, 2 players will be fighting for destroying the tower of the opponent. However, other than the online PvP there are more game modes like Horde, Practice etc. Tested on a 2GB RAM phone, the gameplay was not very smooth.

Graphics and Music

As the game is a funko pop styled game, so the players may find the characters are not up to the mark in terms of graphics. Personally, I did not like the graphics. However, the music was fine. But both the graphics and could have been better.

Final Verdict

From original Gears series to mobile porting, a great decision was taken by the Microsoft Corporation to provide a different experience to the fan base. And, the statistics say that they are quite successful with their vision. However, the game is heavily based on pay to win mechanism. So, if you are a Gears fan and want to try it out, go ahead! But if you are looking for a good game to stick for a long time then it may not be a suitable option for you.

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