Mobile Legends Battlefield Update: Meta Review

It’s been a good week now that the major battlefield update hit the Mobile Legends live servers – enough time to get a first impression of the changes and review how they influence the meta (most effective tactic available). In case that you missed the update, don’t worry. We summarized them for you in our recent article:

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Winners of the changes


The introduction of the Red Buff really boosted the capabilities of Marksmen that were already doing really well in the meta anyway. Especially Kimmy and Granger, who both have a really fast and healthy clear speed, can take the buff easily by themselves early on. Triggering the Red Buff slow on an enemy makes hitting their respective first skills much easier – while the additional true damage chucks enemies even further.

Once they start snowballing, there are little to no chances for a comeback for the enemy team. A fed Kimmy or Granger will steamroll over your team and one-shot squishes within the blink of an eye. And, to make things worse, Kimmy with hybrid build works really well-meaning you can even pick both.

Both of them aside, the Red Buff definitely boosts the strength of other carries who were doing pretty well, too. Wanwan, Claude and Karrie all have reasonable clear speed and early game, but Kimmy and Granger seem both easier to execute and easier to snowball with.

Fast farming Heroes

As we already mentioned, fast jungle clear seems like a pretty valuable trait right now. Not only can you stack your jungle items much more quickly now due to overall more monsters to farm, but you can also really screw up your enemies:

Heroes like Lylia and Selena who can simply take the buff on their own as soon as level 1 can then proceed to invade the enemy at their own blue buff. If you manage to pull off a successful steal, the enemy mage or assassin will be at a huge disadvantage since there is no second buff available any longer. No CDR and no sustain really hurt many of the Meta Heroes, especially those who use energy.

Early Dive and Engage

When it comes to Tanks and Supports, picks like Hylos and Grock amplify the potential of those early game picks mentioned before. They enable their teammates to dive and invade nonstop, providing great engage, CC and decent damage as well as survivability. Sustain picks like Estes work especially well with premade, ensuring you’re not running out of health and can keep the pressure up.

Cyclone Eye Mobile Legends Battlefield Review
New outplay potential after the Battlefield Update: Cyclone Eye

Losers of the changes

Mages – Assassins

While not all Assassins suffer from the Red Buff introduction, the reduced CDR definitely slows them down early. And stealing the buff from someone like Ling or Fanny punishes them so incredibly hard that you have to think twice about running both a Mage and an Assassin in one composition.

Many Assassins actually make really good use of the Red Buff, additional burst and slow both synergize well with their kits. Nonetheless, they still rely on Blue Buff a lot. If you manage to get an early lead, you can definitely easily extend that lead without issues. But if you screw up, a comeback also seems much harder since you’re guaranteed to lose so many resources.

Mages that do not necessarily rely on the Blue Buff are arguably much more forgiving now. The CDR nerf from 20 to 10 percent definitely hurts, but it seems manageable. Heroes like Gord can still perform decently even if someone else on (your team) the enemy team steals your buff; meanwhile, someone like Harith will end up as dead meat.

In fact, Harith probably fell down several tiers in terms of strength. Not only did the Mobile Legends Battlefield Update hurt his overall performance. Additional nerfs also make him one of the biggest losers in our review. With little CDR at his disposal, you need major build and emblem adjustments to stack 35% CDR for unlimited dashing.

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Scaling picks

As you probably guessed already, scaling Heroes definitely don’t profit from the new jungle changes. If anything, early game and snowballing even grew stronger. Once a pick like Irithel or Lesley falls behind, you have little options left to farm up and come back.

So, which Heroes do you enjoy most after the update? Did we forget to mention some new uprising picks in our Mobile Legends Battlefield Review? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you liked reading this article, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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