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Mobile Legends Update: New Map, Chess-TD and Silvanna

Christmas already awaits and so does the end of Season 14. Just recently the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends uploaded a comprehensive video about all the big changes planned for the next season, also including a New Map and Mystery Events.

Mobile Legends: New Map Adjustments

With the next season around the corner, Moonton prepares the Mobile Legends Map by implementing major changes. Not only will those changes massively impact the Meta, but also create a whole new level of outplay potential.


As of now, Buffs act as role Buffs, meaning that they provide bonus effects depending on the class of your Hero. But with the new update, each team will get a purple and an orange Buff. Both provide individual bonus effects that no longer rely on your role.

Instead, the purple buff will lower your mana/energy cost, reduce Cooldowns and grant bonus regeneration upon killing units. Meanwhile, the orange Buff will grant its slayer additional True Damage as well as a slowdown effect.


The True Damage buff of the current Turtle will be removed. But in exchange, Turtle now grants a large shield to its slayer.

Midlane bushes

As you can see in the picture below, a good amount of the bushes has been cut down. Due to the smaller shape of the bushes, you will have an easier time detecting ganks in the Midlane.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.36 New Map
Midlane Bush changes

New Creeps

While the existing small jungle monsters still exist, they will have a smaller health pool in the early stages of the game. This will allow Heroes to farm the small camps faster and healthier.

However, there will be 2 monsters added in the river, one on each side. Killing those tortoise-like monsters will restore HP and mana for your Hero.

Cyclone Eyes

The newly added Cyclone Eyes will appear in every quarter of the jungle. Crossing them will grant your Hero the ability to dash a short distance for a single time just like a small Flicker. They’ll even allow you to dash over most walls.

End of Season 14

Together with the End of Season 14, we’ll get to enjoy a bunch of events, rewards and surprises. Make sure to log in on December 14th to claim the Hero card for Silvanna in order to obtain her for free on December 17th. Furthermore, we were also promised a Mystery Event on December 15th, aside from some Christmas gifts which we may well be curious about.

In the video, they also announced a reworked ranking system, but detailed information about this new system is yet to come.

As always, we’ll get a free skin as Season 14 reward, this time staring Pharsa as Enchanting Witch.

 Pharsa Enchanting Witch Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.36 New Map
Season 14 Skin: Pharsa Enchanting Witch

Return of Chess-TD

After the huge success of the first launch of Chess-Tower Defense (Chess-TD), players already impatiently expected it to return. On December 20th, we finally get to enjoy the returning Arcade mode with some tweaks.

Read – Mobile Legends December Tier List

A featured gallery will allow newbies to grasp the Chess-TD basics much easier than before. In addition, there have been a couple of changes regarding game balance.

New Heroes (Faction)Removed Heroes
Chang’e (Dragon Altar)Kaja (Oracle)
Zilong (Dragon Altar)Kadita (Oracle)
Ling (Dragon Altar)Ruby (Mortal)
Wanwan (Dragon Altar)Gusion (Mortal)
Estes (Elf)Roger (Beast)
Belerick (Elf)Minotaur (Beast)
Gatotkaca (Celestial)Selena (Elf)
Diggie (The Eruditio)
X-Borg (The Eruditio)
Franco (Northern Vale)
Aurora (Northern Vale)

Aside from the 11 new Heroes and the 7 removed ones, Moonton also introduces 2 new Factions, Dragon Altar and Northern Vale. Mortal give way to The Eruditio while Beasts, as well as Oracle, have been removed completely. To read the Chess-TD Guide please click here.

For more details, check out the full video:

So how do you like the new Mobile Legends Map? Are you excited for Silvanna’s release yet? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to never miss out on the latest news!

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What build can counter badang and hero that can counter badang. Also combo for jawhead pls

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