A Clash of Clans player reaches the Legend League without ever attacking

Can you pull this off?

Reaching the Legend League in Clash of Clans is considered to be one of the prestigious achievements in the game. As the game’s most competitive league, players typically advance through the ranks by winning battles against other players. However, this particular milestone was achieved by a Clash of Clans player who reached the Legend League without ever attacking! As astonishing as it seems, he has pulled it off.

The Clash of Clans player took five years to achieve this feat

Naming himself as r/Project_NoAttack, the player took this as a short project to get an account push to the top league without an attack. In this Town Hall 15 account, he hasn’t done a single raid, be it war or loot. Apart from a couple of troops, the rest of them are barely leveled up.

This remarkable achievement comes after a lengthy journey of five years, in which the player dedicated himself to a unique and challenging playstyle. During the timeframe, he successfully defended close to 2500 attacks. He regularly shared updates on their journey in the subreddit with each post showcasing his steady progress as he approached the momentous milestone of reaching the Legend League.

The players reacted positively to this feat, while also dropping some queries. In turn, the player shared some tactics regarding his high number of defensive wins, while also confirming that apart from the decorations and gold pass purchases, his account was completely free to play. For upgrading the defenses, he took the help of the collectors/mines and also from the Raid Medals and CWL Bonuses.

Clash of Clans League Levels
Image via Supercell

Achieving the Legend League in Clash of Clans without engaging in any attacks is an exceptional accomplishment, that too without a single attack under his name. Inspired by the player, we might get to see more players trying this, but definitely, the grind is there.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans player reaching the Legend League without ever attacking? Let us know in the comment section below!

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