Clash of Clans: The Complete Clan Capital Guide and Tips

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Clash of Clans often gets amazing updates for its fans, and no doubt Supercell has amazing creativity in this area. Many updates have come to the game, out of which, some have been really impactful and have taken the game into a different dimension. One such game-changing update was introduced last spring, the Clash of Clans Clan Capital. Fans of the game have loved this update, and most of them love the idea behind it. So, to understand the concept behind it, we shall look into this guide and go through what exactly Clash of Clans Clan Capital is.

Understanding the Basics of Clan Capital in Clash of Clans

Ever thought of a mode where members of a Clan, all together, build bases or go for more than two attacks together? That would be chaos but still fun! Implementing the same idea, the Clan Capital mode focuses on this aspect and allows all the clan members to build their bases and battle together against other clans. Players can recruit troops, join in building bases, and more. Your Clan and player village must meet the criteria (given below) to play Clan Capital, and by tapping the Airship in the game, you are set to join the Clan Capital mode.

Clan Battles will be yielding many special rewards and perks for the player and his clan. The rewards will be a type of currency, which will be explained in the below sections.

Eligibility to play Clan Capital

There is an eligibility criterion for playing Clan Capital, which isn’t that complex. In terms of Clan Level, your clan should be at least Level 2 to join the mode. As far as your village is concerned, your Town Hall level should be Level 6 and above. Once you meet the requirements, you can travel to the Capital through the Air Ship next to the Home Village.

Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide and Tips

As mentioned above, the mode will feature villages, each will a certain level. They are organized, and at each level you surpass, you can upgrade to unlock the villages, thus unlocking troops, and buildings and upgrading them. The following sections explain Clan Capital terminologies and make players understand how to approach this game mode.

The Flying Machine, Forge, and the Trader

The Flying Ship is a transport medium that will help you travel to Clan Capital. Forge is a building, a type of an Air Ship in Clash of Clans that takes you to your Clan Capital. This structure allows you to manufacture and collect small amounts of Capital Gold, the resource needed to upgrade your Capital buildings, every day.

Players with a Higher Town Hall level will be able to assign the builders in order to exchange resources for Capital Gold, which means you will need a free Builder to convert resources into Capital Gold. The Builder Boost from the Gold Pass as well as Builder Potions will speed up and reduce the time required to craft Capital Gold at the Forge. You can also complete a Capital Gold conversion in progress by using Gems.

Flying Machine and the Forge
Flying Machine and the Forge

In the Clash of Clans Clan Capital Update, the Trader offers items for sale. All players in a Clan will see the same items for sale at the same time with the offers changing every Tuesday. Players will be able to purchase more items with Gems or you can spend your saved up Raid Medals for items on offer with the Trader, whether it’s resources or Magic Items. Purchasing items for sale using Raid Medals will subtract the amount in Raid Medals from the player’s collection.

Capital Districts

The series of bases inside the Clan Capital is called Capital Districts. More info on the same is given below.

clash of clans clan capital, coc clan capital, clash of clans clan capital districts
Image via Supercell

Capital Peak and Capital Hall

The head base is called the Capital Peak, which is the topmost and most important base of your Capital. You will get the Capital Peak unlocked as soon as you unlock the Clan Capital mode. This base will feature the town Hall of the Clan Capital, called the Capital Hall, which is your important aspect.

Upgrading the Capital Hall allows unlocking the other bases, upgrading, etc. Players of the clan can contribute to upgrading the Capital Districts. The Capital Hall upgrade requirements are given as follows:

Level/DistrictBarbarian CampWizard ValleyBalloon LagoonBuilder’s WorkshopDragon CliffsGolem Quarry
Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide: Capital Hall upgrade requirements

To note, all these buildings will be just one each, they won’t increase when you upgrade the Capital Hall. As you upgrade the Capital Hall, hitpoints will also increase.

Districts and District Hall

The other districts unlock the troops as well, and at each level, troops get unlocks, building upgrades, and the strength of your army, etc. can be upgraded. Each district has a theme, and with this theme, players can identify the troops they can unlock and upgrade.

There are six other districts that can be unlocked once you level up the Capital Hall. Each of the six districts has its own District Hall. Upgrading the District Hall will allow you to unlock new upgrade levels to buildings, traps, and troops in that specific district. The Districts info is given in the table below:

DistrictCapital Hall LevelThemeTroop UnlockSpell UnlockBuilding Unlock
Capital Peak 
Barbarian Camp2BarbariansSneaky Archers, Battle Ram,
Super Giant,
Super Barbarian, Minion Horde
Army Camps x3
Wizard Valley3WizardsSuper WizardHeal Spell,
Jump Spell
Army Camp x1, Spell Storage x1
Balloon Lagoon4BalloonSkeleton Barrel, Rocket Balloon, Flying FortressLightning Spell
Builder’s Workshop5BuildersRaid Cart,
Super P.E.K.K.A
Frost Spell
Dragon Cliffs6DragonsSuper Dragon, Hog RiderRage SpellArmy Camp x1
Golem Quarry7GolemsMountain Golem
Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide: District Hall upgrade table

Raid Weekends and Capital Raids

Inside the Clan Capital mode, players can go to raids. The Raid Weekends is an event period where clans fight against other Clan Capitals. The main objective of the mode is to destroy as many Clan Capitals as possible by getting 3-star raids on all Capital Districts and then destroy the Capital Peak. Clans and players earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals as rewards.

The battle starts on a Friday and ends on a Monday. Clan’s 50 members can participate in this event and each player can battle up to 5 times during the Raid Weekend period, but chances increase of getting an additional attack if you perform a 3-star attack on a Clan District. The maximum bonus you can gain is only one attack.

Raid Weekend - Image via House of Clashers
Raid Weekend – Image via House of Clashers

Clan Capital villages carry over the damage to the next attacker, for example, if an attacker does 10% damage on the Clan Capital village, with no stars claimed, it is permanent, and won’t reset when the next attacker lines up. Additionally, Traps will not re-arm between attacks. So, if a previous attack had triggered any trap, it will remain triggered. Spells will also remain for one attack after they are cast. For example, if you drop a Healing Spell, when your Clanmate attacks next that Healing Spell will still be on the battle arena for your clanmate’s next attack.

Matching the Raid Weekend event for a clan is against other clans with the same level of buildings. This happens once all the bases of the opponent’s Clan Capital are destroyed. Head-to-head is not enabled in the event. It is like normal Multiplayer matches where you attack another player’s base but they aren’t attacking yours.

District Friendly Challenges

Players can play the District Friendly Challenges, just like in the Home Village option of Friendly battles. This is in order to test out the Clan’s Capital design skills. Anyone in the Clan can begin a District Friendly Challenge, but only one Challenge per District can be active at a time. Players attacking a District during a District Challenge will attack using the Capital Army and your Clanmates can keep attacking a District until it has been destroyed. Even the player who initiated the Challenge can participate in the attacks for getting the best out of the challenge and improve the base.

In order to prevent copying enemy Districts to practice attacks on, District Challenges will be disabled and cannot be issued during Raid Weekends.

Clan Capital Layouts

To participate and win in the Clan Capital event, it is important to have the best layout. Clan Members can contribute to building the best base. However, these changes can be only by the Leader and Co-Leaders of the particular clan. If the layouts are changed during the Raid Weekend event, changes will not take place until a matchmaking is over.

As far as designing base layouts for Capital Peak is concerned, we don’t have a Copy Base option yet. So you can’t take in a reference base and copy it directly. You should manually arrange the bases in your Capital Peak village. Stay tuned in this space as we will bring base layouts for every level (up to Level 5) of Clan Capital Peak along with the District bases.

Terrains and Defenses

The section will explain the different terrains and defenses in Clan Capital and what each of them is.

Terrains in Clan Capital

  • Water – Buildings cannot be placed on water and ground Troops cannot cross water terrain. However, using a Frost Spell will create a frozen surface for your Troops to traverse across the frozen water. If a ground unit would be forced to spawn on water terrain, it will automatically be relocated to the nearest land point with a 2 Tile range. If no land terrain is within 2 tiles, then that spawned unit will die instantly. Flying troops can bypass water.
  • Cliffs – Cliff terrain demonstrates a change in elevation. Hence ground troops cannot bypass the Cliff terrain and will need to walk around it. Flying troops will be able to fly over Cliffs.
  • Bridges – Buildings may not be placed on a bridge. Ground units will be able to cross a bridge, but canny base builders can take advantage of the narrow passage to create choke points in your defenses to funnel enemy troops into your defensive damage.

Defenses in Clan Capital

  • Cannon – Ground only defense. Functions the same as Cannons in your Home Village and Builder Base.
  • Air Defense – Air-only defense, targets air troops.
  • Super Giant Post – Super Giants are defensive Troops when you build a Super Giant Post.
  • Super Dragon Post – As defensive units, they will rain down burning devastation from the skies.
  • Siege Cart Post – Works similar to the ones in Builder Bases.
  • Super Wizard Tower – Tower equipped with Super Wizards.
  • Rocket Artillery – Eagle Artillery, but with a Rocket.
  • Inferno Tower – Targets both ground and air troops, and works similar to the one in the Home Village.
  • Giant Cannon – If you thought one Giant Cannon in Builder Base was devastating, just imagine how your enemies feel when there are several on the battlefield.
  • Mega Tesla – Power electrical defense, targets both air and ground troops. Works similar to that of Builder Base.
  • Bomb Tower – Forbidden bowling. It happens when Skeletons get a hold of explosive ordnance.
  • Multi Mortar – It will be fun seeing how Builder Base defenses will be devastating on a much larger battlefield during Capital Raids.
  • Air Bombs – Air-only trap.
  • Crusher – Ground only defense dealing with area damage.
  • Blast Bow – A massive ballista that causes splash damage with its explosive attacks.
  • Multi Cannon – A rapid-firing cannon with multiple barrels.
  • Rapid Rockets – Shorter range than Air Defense but deals more damage.
  • Zap Trap – Zaps enemies nearby.
  • Spear Thrower – Turn both air and ground units into kebabs with a dangerous lance of disaster.
  • Log Trap – Area damage, ground only.
  • Mines – Traps that deal area damage.
  • Mega Mine – Bigger damage, bigger area, bigger boom.
  • Capital Hall – The Capital Hall has its own projectile defensive weapon that will unleash destruction and mayhem upon enemy attackers.

Army Training

Unlike training your Home Village or Builder Base troops, there is no time period for training the troops. All troops are instantaneously trained, and battle-ready. For training your army, players can access the Training option in the Army Camp in the Clan Districts. The size of the army camp is the total combined strength of all the Capital Districts combined. Like in the Home Village, your troops from the Army Camps do not defend your village.

Army Training in Clan Capital
Army Training in Clan Capital

If anyone from the clan is going for a battle, he/she has full access to the unlocked troops and spells in the Clan Capital irrespective of their level. If your Clan unlocks Super Dragons in the Dragon Cliffs District, everyone in your Clan will be able to train Super Dragons for their respective Capital battles. Heroes from Builder Base and Home Village will not be available for battles.

Troops and Spells

Troops in Clan Capital

In the Clan Capital, troops are unlocked by building their own Barrack, unlike the ones we follow in the Home Village. Each individual troop has its own barrack which unlocks with certain Clan Districts. Currently, the Clan Capital has 14 troops:

  • Battle Ram
  • Flying Fortress
  • Hog Raiders
  • Minion Horde
  • Mountain Golem
  • Raid Cart
  • Rocket Balloons
  • Skeleton Barrels
  • Sneaky Archers
  • Super Barbarian
  • Super Dragon
  • Super Giant
  • Super P.E.K.K.A
  • Super Wizard

There is no laboratory system here. Upgrading their respective barracks will upgrade the troops automatically. For the upgrade, clan members have to make required contributions.

Spells in Clan Capital

They serve the same application as in Home Villages. Unlocking spells require building the Spell Factory for each spell. Currently, the Clan Capital has 5 spells:

  • Frost Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Jump Spell
  • Lightning Spell
  • Rage Spell

Unlike Home Village, here these spells do not have any duration and will remain throughout attacks. Once you finish your attack, your Spell will remain on the battlefield and will be active in the next battle in this Clan District. Similar to troops, there is no laboratory system here. Upgrading their respective factories will upgrade the spells. For the upgrade, clan members have to make the required Capital Gold contributions.


Players can get rewarded in the game through the Capital Gold and Raid Medals. Capital Gold is used in order to upgrade buildings in your capital. You can earn Capital Gold by crafting the Home Village and Builder Base resources available in the Forge. Remember, your Capital Gold can be stolen during each attack.

Rewards in Clan Capital
Rewards in Clan Capital – Capital Gold and Raid Medals

Raid Medal is one more currency that players can use in-game. Players can earn Raid Medals through Clan Capital attacks. Players can donate Clan Castle troops through Raid Medals and buy troops, and trade items using them. You can check out the below videos for more info about Clan Capital:

After Raid Weekend is completed, you can check the total rewards for both offensive and defensive results, and the total Capital loot earned.

What are your thoughts on this Clash of Clans Clan Capital guide? Did you find this Clash of Clans Clan Capital Guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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