Clash Royale fan comes up with a Brick card concept that can be used to stack walls

What if you can build a wall?

Card concepts in Clash Royale are never between a surprise or disappointment. As a fan, it is always nice to see some unique ideas getting pitched. Once again, a wonderful card concept has been shared by a fan, with the popular r/ClashRoyale Reddit community being the source of it. This Clash Royale card concept is named the Brick which can be used to stack walls. A bit surprising isn’t it? Don’t worry, we will explain.

This Brick card can be used to build walls but the troops will ignore it

The concept shared by Reddit user u/whenthenightfalls44 has the Brick card as a common card in Clash Royale. Well even though there is nothing special about the card when it comes to its abilities, a twist in the tale comes with the advantage the player gets when he stacks them up.

Brick card concept
Image via Reddit

The opponent troops will be completely ignoring this wall or the stacked ones. So, the player can start building their own brick wall in front of their tower, which serves as a defensive building. With a mere one elixir cost, the recycling value of this card is amazing, and this will help in building a quick wall for themselves.

Without a wall breaker in the game, it might be interesting how tactically this card might make a difference. We can also suggest having a health bar for the walls so that they also have a weakness. As is customary on Reddit, the community participated in the discussion while also responding positively to the Clash Royale Brick card concept, with the post receiving over 1.9k upvotes in less than 24 hours.

Clash Royale Brick reddit
Image via Reddit

With another new concept idea, the community once again gave us a great card concept to discuss. We will undoubtedly see more as the days pass.

What are your thoughts on this Brick card concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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