Clash Royale announces its roadmap for the year 2023

What's coming this year?

Clash Royale has released the roadmap for the year 2023 to give a sneak peek of what’s coming next for the fans. With plenty of plans in the future for the strategy title from Supercell, interesting plans for the Pass Royale, Gameplay, and more are in the works, which we will discuss in this article.

Clash Royale roadmap for the year 2023

In the next six months, there are a few changes that are in the plans of the developers, who are looking for changes in the game that will make way for fresh content and approach.

Pass Royale Revamp

Almost four years ago, Clash Royale first introduced its very own game pass version with the name Pass Royale. It has been popular for its rewarding structure but did not fail in attracting criticism for being monotonous with the rewarding system.

So Clash Royale has decided that it is time for an upgrade and thus has introduced some new plans for the same. Each Reward Tier will now be divided into three versions of Pass Royale, each with its own set of rewards to be unlocked. These are Free, Gold, and Diamond.

pass royale revamp
Image via Supercell

Players will also be able to earn more crowns per battle, which goes up to six in total. Now it is confirmed that each of your own Crown Towers if left standing and every enemy Crown Tower that you destroy in a Battle will give you one Crown each.

The Pass will be extended and more rewards will be added to the scene, allowing players to benefit from unlocking various rewards ranging from new Battle Banners to classic Magic Items and premium cosmetics.

Season Tokens, Seasonal Currency, and Season Shop

The most significant change to Pass Royale is the introduction of new Season Tokens, which can be spent in the new upcoming Season Shop, allowing you to buy exactly what you need rather than relying on random drops from Chests.

A new plan is in the making to have a currency system that can be earned by playing the Challenges. These will be on a seasonal basis, and during a particular period can be used to cash in for the rewards available in the Season Shop.

This will help in making the grind less for rewards. Getting 8 wins for a Golden Chest will be left out now, which seems to be a sensible decision. Get the rewards that you need.

Events Tab improvements

Players access the events menu to play challenges that drop regularly. Classic and Grand Challenges are almost regular, with special challenges making an entry in between. The future plans for this include making the Challenges more engaging for the players and offering better rewards.

Clash Royale best decks Super Magic Archer Challenge
Image via Supercell

It is also confirmed that the popular game modes will be featured more often as per the community’s liking. Hence challenges like the Super Magic Archer challenge can be played anytime.

New Gameplay is in the works

Although there hasn’t been anything major revealed yet, some details of what’s coming have been announced. New powers for the cards are going to be arriving pretty soon. Also in the discussion is the arrival of a new Card Level 15, which will affect a whole host of cards on launch.

Final Thoughts

The roadmap put by the Clash Royale team is pretty interesting, especially the rewarding system. Pass Royale needed some changes and they have addressed it, but the question is the card level update. Level 14 has been difficult to adapt to be fair, as it took time to upgrade and collect them. With level 15, it’ll be more difficult. A new level is not what’s needed right now, but it is all in the hands of the makers.

What are your thoughts about the Clash Royale 2023 Roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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