A Clash Royale fan devises a Reaper card concept that can steal enemy health

A Vampire in disguise?

Ever thought of a card that has the ability to just suck the enemy’s health and add to his own in Clash Royale? Well, someone actually did. A new card concept named the Reaper has been shared by a Reddit user whose major ability is to steal the health bar of every enemy he defeats in Clash Royale.

The Reaper’s ability is absolutely lethal against high HP cards

The concept was shared by Reddit user u/KAYisntokay, who was also behind the idea of having different skeleton cards with different elixir costs. The Reaper looks like he has come straight from the doors of hell, and the card design is pretty neat too.

Reaper card design
Image via Reddit

The card’s rarity is Legendary, and its main ability is that it can steal hitpoints, or in the user’s words, the health bar of the card he defeats. It could be by any means, such as gaining the support of other troops or defeating them 1v1, but the Reaper should have the last laugh.

So you can imagine how it will be. Imagine the Reaper dispatching a Golem or PEKKA; that alone should be terrifying, especially when combined with the other stats, which are also lethal. However, the user did set a maximum HP cap of 5000, ensuring that he is not unbeatable.

Reddit reaction on the Reaper
Image via Reddit

The Reddit community, as usual, engaged in the discussion while also giving a positive reaction to the concept while the post amassed over 1.3k upvotes. Once again, with another new concept idea, the community showed how imaginative they are in terms of coming up with brilliant ideas like these.

What are your thoughts on this unique Reaper card concept in Clash Royale? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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