Clash Royale fan proposes the concept of different Skeletons cards for each elixir cost

The Army of Skeletons!

Clash Royale has a concept so unique that many concepts and ideas have come out over the years. Reddit has been home to many such ideas, and once again a more interesting yet funny concept has surfaced in the r/ClashRoyale subreddit. A concept for different Skeletons cards for each elixir cost has been proposed by a Clash Royale fan, and it doesn’t stop before making an army of skeletons come alive.

More skeletons will be spawned with higher elixir cards

A series of Skeleton cards were displayed in the concept, which consisted of images shared by Reddit user u/KAYisntokay, with the elixir cost and the number of skeletons that will spawn when deployed. Starting from Elixir Cost 1, each card had an increase in skeletons as the cost increased, with a maximum elixir cost of 9.

skeleton levels
Image via Reddit

As the number increases, the rarity also upgrades, which is factually right. The first two levels were the common cards, and from then followed the Rare and Epic versions of the same, with the final card being rated as a Legendary card.

The community also gave a positive reaction to the concept, with also some funny comments which were common. Some couldn’t even imagine the thought of having a skeleton army of 51 skeletons marching toward their towers.

Clash Royale Skeleton concept reddit
Image via Reddit

Because the community has been very active in completing these concept ideas, it is interesting to see how much more thought has been given to this side. Although the card’s final levels may not be seen, it will be interesting and fun if these card types appear at events and challenges.

What are your thoughts on this skeletons card concept in Clash Royale? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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