Clash of Clans fan shares an idea of having Clan Member notes for efficient management

What note will you drop?

A Clash of Clans fan has come up with an excellent idea to enhance clan management: Clan Member Notes. This feature is aimed to contribute to the efficient management of clans within the game by allowing clan members to leave messages that are visible to everyone, which would facilitate better communication and coordination among the clan members.

The user suggests the system also an option to be modified by clan leaders

In the concept suggested by the Reddit user u/FreeVeeThree on the Clash of Clans subreddit, an edited clan member list shown has messages dropped below their clan role. This note is a way to communicate to the other members of the clan about their activity, in case the message dropped in the clan chat has been scrolled over.

The user suggests that member notes would be a valuable feature to allow clan members to leave messages visible to everyone, which could include information about their availability such as vacations or busy schedules that may affect participation in wars. Additionally, the feature could be utilized to indicate if an account is an alternate account, designated for donations within the clan to avoid a kick out.

To ensure a family-friendly environment, the note system should incorporate word filtering mechanisms. This would help prevent inappropriate content from being shared within the clan. Furthermore, the co-leaders and leader of the clan should possess the ability to modify or delete notes in cases where they are deemed inappropriate, allowing for effective self-regulation within the clan.

Clan Wars in Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

This feature would increase transparency within the clan, allowing leaders to properly assign them to wars or understand reasons behind inactivity, just in case. Well, it might not be implemented anytime soon, but it is a handy feature.

What are your thoughts about displaying Clash of Clans Clan Member notes? Let us know in the comments below!

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