Clash of Clans Pets: Complete list, details and tips for using them

Know the best combination for your Pets!

The Heroes of Clash of Clans can now enter battle with a trusted companion by their side, giving them a special advantage in battle. The mighty pets with special powers destroy the enemies. Here we have our Clash of Clans Pets Guide to get you insights about everything related to the new edition of pets included with the update.

Clash of Clans Pets: What are they

Clash of Clans offers a brand-new type of unit called Hero Pets. The Pet House will be unlocked once you upgrade to Town Hall 14. It is here that you manage and upgrade your Hero Pets, as well as assign them to your Heroes. There is a Pet for each hero!

Getting the Pets in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans requires Town Hall levels of 14 to unlock Pets. You will unlock a new building known as the Pet House after upgrading to Town Hall 14. Upon unlocking the building, you will be able to access your first pet, L.A.S.S.I.

As you level up your Pet House, you will be able to unlock more pets. The following table explains what you need to unlock each Hero Pet based on level, statistics, and other factors:

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHitpointsUnlocks
115M Elixir13d700L.A.S.S.I
217.5M Elixir15d800Electro Owl
318.5M Elixir17d900Mighty Yak
419.5M Elixir19d1000Unicorn

It is possible to upgrade your pets, enhancing their abilities and boosting their stats, by using magic items.

List of Pets in Clash of Clans

There are four pets included in the game that can be combined with heroes and upgraded in different ways. We will firstly get a brief overview of all of them.

1. L.A.S.S.I

  • Type of Damage: Single Target
  • Favorite Target: Within 2.5 Tiles of Hero
  • Speed of Movement: 32
  • Targets: Ground

Once the Pet House is completed, L.A.S.S.I will be the first pet unlocked. As a ground unit, L.A.S.S.I. prefers to target the Hero within 2.5 tiles. As one of the fastest units in the game, she moves at a speed of 32, making her as quick as a Headhunter or a Goblin. It is similar to a hog rider’s ability to jump over walls. The barbarian king can be attacked even if he is behind a wall, so she is able to deal with him.

lassi pet Clash of Clans Pets
Image via Supercell

Although she has moderate hitpoints, LASSI has a fast movement speed and can wall jump to get deeper into a village than the nearby hero/troops, making her vulnerable to incoming attacks. Having the highest DPS of all pets, she boosts the hero’s damage output to a reasonable level. During knockout, L.A.S.S.I will attack the closest building when she is still active.

2.  Electro Owl

  • Type of Damage: Single Target
  • Favorite target: Hero’s Target
  • Speed of Movement: 20
  • Targets: Air and Ground

When the Pet House reaches level 2, the Electro Owl will be unlocked. The attack he uses is called Chain Lightning, which is the same as the Electro Dragon, but only chains to a second target for 80% damage. Electro Owls’ attack range varies depending on whom they are paired with, generally between 1 tile to the Barbarian King, 5 tiles to the Archer Queen, and 7 tiles to the Grand Warden.

electro owl Clash of Clans Pets
Image via Supercell

Electro Owls attack the same target as the Heroes they are paired with. The Electro Owl will be knocked out fairly quickly if paired with a ground hero because his lower hit points will make him vulnerable to air defenses. The Electro Owl will attack your hero if it is still active when he is knocked out.

3. The Mighty Yak

  • Type of Damage: Area Splash
  • Favorite target: Within 7 Tiles of Hero
  • Speed of Movement: 24
  • Targets: Ground

After upgrading the Pet House to level 3, the Mighty Yak is unlocked. Despite having the highest HP (same as a low-level golem), the Mighty Yak has the lowest DPS. He destroys walls more effectively than a level one wallbreaker who is maxed out at 20x damage. Wall breaking makes him well suited to work with the Barbarian King and Archer Queen to overcome walls, which would slow them down.

mighty yak Clash of Clans Pets
Image via Supercell

When the Mighty Yak was initially released, it dealt splash damage to weak troops, including ground Skeletons. As of the September 2021 update, the damage is now dealt with to one target only. The Mighty Yak, if still active after your hero is taken out, will attack the nearest target for 8 seconds while also becoming enraged and increasing its movement speed & damage.

4. Unicorn

  • Type of Heal: Single Target
  • Favorite Target: Hero
  • Speed of Movement: 16
  • Targets: Air and Ground

When your pet house has been boosted to level 4, you will be able to unlock the Unicorn, which allows you to heal your hero on the ground. In contrast to Healers, the Unicorn can heal both air and ground units. Due to the fact that the Unicorn heals only the hero assigned to it, you do not have to worry about switching it to other units as with healers.

Image via Supercell

Like L.A.S.S.I, the Unicorn is capable of jumping over walls to follow a hero, so it can continue healing the Grand Warden and Royal Champion. Unicorns have the lowest HP of all pets, so one can easily knock them out if not sufficiently protected. Due to its range of 2.5 tiles, the unicorn stays closer to a hero than a healer, making it prone to Scatter Slot attacks & multi-target Inferno Towers.

Several heroes have a slow movement speed, including the Archer Queen and Royal Champion. When paired with either of these heroes, it takes a little while to catch up to them again, resulting in a delay in healing. Once your hero is knocked out, if the Unicorn is still active, it will target other units and heal them.

Best Hero Pet Combinations in Clash of Clans

As part of Clash of Clans’ newest update, you can now add pet companions to your heroes to fine-tune your strategy even further, but there are also players who are confused about which pets to pair with their heroes. For a start, it isn’t bombarding you with endless options, and unless you have really fine-tuned your attacks and are playing at a very high level in the game, the options are fairly limited.

1. L.A.S.S.I + Royal Champion

When you combine a pet with the Royal Champion, you need a pet that can run fast and jump over walls because the Royal Champion is so fast. The reason LASSI performs so well here is not just the movement speed, but also the closer the target is, the longer LASSI will stay close to the Royal Champion. This combination yields the best results, no matter what attack strategy you use.

2. Electro Own + Grand Warden

A major issue with the Electro Owl is that it cannot out-range any Air Defense, so once it is blinded by one, the Owl is lost. Together, the Owl and Grand Warden allow the Owl to remain out of the tricky spots a lot more effectively and have the best chance of remaining alive as long as possible.

As long as an owl partners with a hero like The King or The Queen, it will always be right at the center of the action and there is a high chance that an Air Defense can get it. Except for air attacks when the owl can be protected inside a pack of Balloons, we still prefer The Grand Warden in almost all situations.

3. Mighty Yak + Archer Queen

The Mighty Yak is the best choice if you are doing any sort of Queen Walk or Queen Charge since that is what most attacks do. You will benefit from the Yak’s additional damage on walls because the queen doesn’t have to go through walls on her way.

The Queen Charge will always target the same building as the Yak, so as soon as the Queen attacks a building protected by some walls, the Yak will begin destroying the walls and charging deeper into the base in order to make the perfect path for the Queen Charge.

Additionally, the Unicorn has the same cap on healing as Healers, so adding it to a couple of Healers won’t make a difference. There is a valid point, though, that sometimes a little healing will save your queen, and even if you can only get 10% of the healing, you can still protect her.

4. Unicorn + Barbarian King

Lastly, comes the Unicorn. The King is in fact the best choice given the above reasons with the Archer Queen. Typically, in an attack, you have the King swarming around the base and staying alive while the Unicorn’s healing barely covers the damage from a single defense, so he remains alive longer.

Since the King has so many hit points, it also works fine if the healing takes longer, and it gives you some space in your mind when you aren’t constantly monitoring him.

Final Thoughts

Our guide outlines everything related to pets in Clash of Clans. Pets at Town Hall 14 provide a boost to your heroes’ offensive abilities, and combining them correctly according to your attack strategy ensures the best results. In this guide, we’ve offered just a few suggestions to help you get a better understanding of which combinations work best. If you’re experimenting with multiple attack strategies, combine whichever seems to work best for you.

Did you find this Clash of Clans pets guide helpful? Do drop your opinions on the same in the comments below!

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