Clash of Clans player spends 200 hours making each Town Hall realistic, and the results are breathtaking

What if we have these Town Halls in the game?

We all know the saying creativity knows no bounds and have seen many proving it to be a fact. One such example has been shared by a gamer, who has come up with something unique. A Clash of Clans fan has shared his artwork which took over 200 hours that features every Town Hall in the game rendered in a realistic way.

The renders of each Town Hall look amazingly fresh and realistic

A Reddit user u/Lenzch, a digital creator who has over 75K subscribers on YouTube, shared some impressive snippets of the Town Halls in a Reddit post. He claims that it took nearly 200 hours to come up with this, and looking at the quality of the renders, we must say it might have taken a lot more. Starting from Town Hall 1, he has covered every Town Hall existing in the game.

He has done this by rendering it on Blender which has come out amazingly well. Blender is an amazing software for such content, and by using powerful, high-end GPUs like the RTX series, it will render even better. 

Clash of Clans renders
Image via Lenz Graphics

Starting things off, he used a human model to have an idea of the scale and began with creating Town Hall 1, which is by far the simplest to design. For the next town hall levels, he duplicated the first one, while making significant changes necessary. This took two days time.

The third day of work focused on the materials and used the Substance Painter tool for adding 2D textures into a 3D model. He also had to add a lot of textures so as to make it look realistic. In the final two days, work time was spent on making the environment, camera angles, and the final rendering process.

The Reddit community was quick to react to the post and appreciated the work and effort put in. The same was on YouTube as well. It is always nice to see something creative from the players of the game and contribute to discussions with such work.

What are your thoughts on these realistic Town Hall renders made by the Clash of Clans fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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