Clash of Clans players would love an optional portrait mode, shows a recent community post 

Bug? More like a feature!

If you’re a Minecraft player, you might’ve heard of the satirical phrase “bug? More like a feature”, something which is usually used to poke fun at the game’s issues. Well in a rare instance, we have the case of a bug that would actually work great as a feature in the beloved Supercell title, Clash of Clans. Recently a Reddit user shared a post showing Clash of Clans open in portrait mode which has received some funny as well as unique responses from the community.

The Clash of Clans community is rallying for the addition of a portrait mode

After u/Somewhatentertained9, a Reddit user made a post showing off a bug where the Clash of Clans application, which is meant to run horizontally across your screen, opened vertically, something which isn’t really supposed to happen, the community realized what they’ve been missing in the game so far. The ability to simply take out your phone and play their beloved strategy game, in the vertical orientation. 

Keeping the inappropriate jokes aside (which the comment section was full of), many users pointed out reasons why this would be convenient, as being able to play in the vertical orientation would range from being easy on the hands and convenient on the go, to allow you to be sneakier while playing as a grown adult. The post has managed to rack up almost four thousand upvotes so far on the official subreddit for the game

Clash of Clans portrait mode
Image via Reddit

The game actually looks pretty good in this orientation, almost as it fits perfectly this way with the UI lining up perfectly. With how this suits the game so well, Supercell should seriously consider adding this feature to the game since after its run that has lasted for longer than a decade, an update that adds vertical orientation to the game could be a nice change. 

What are your thoughts about Clash of Clans in portrait mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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