Clash Royale fan shares a Clock Tower card concept that brings a time system to cards

A time travelling card?

Card concepts in Clash Royale aren’t new, but it is always lovely to see some unique ideas getting pitched. Once again, a wonderful card concept has been shared by a fan, with the popular r/ClashRoyale Reddit community being the source of it. This time, a concept called the Clock Tower that gives cards a time system in Clash Royale is presented.

This Clock Tower building card brings the Time Mechanic To Clash Royale

Players might be familiar with the Clock Tower building in the other Supercell title Clash of Clans. For those who do not know, Clock Tower is an unlocked building at Builder Hall Level 4 that helps accelerate construction, research, and resource collection in your village. However, this concept shared comes with a little different touch.

In the concept video shared by Reddit user u/MehmetSalihKoten, who is known to share interesting unique concepts such as the Magnet Building card and a Drop-a-troop-Balloon concept, a Clock Tower is dropped in the arena, which resembles the Clash Universe counterpart, and is shown pushing the opponent troop back.

The plot twist, though, is that the unit isn’t being pushed. Instead, it is traveling back in time three seconds to where it was. It will drop friendly troops five seconds into the future, where they will find a time machine. The rarity is given as a Champion, with an Elixir cost of four.

Reddit reaction Clock Tower card
Image via Reddit

Once again, the community responded well to the concept card and triggered many funny and creative comments on the way. This way, we can say that the fans wait for such concepts, and good ones like these make way for creative discussions.

What are your thoughts about this new Clock Tower card concept that brings a time system to cards in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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