Clash Royale fan proposes a new Balloon concept which gives flight to ground units

What if your troops can catch a plane?

The subreddit dedicated to Supercell’s popular strategy title, r/ClashRoyale, is a popular space for players to show off their creativity. Utilizing all his creative ideas, a user has come up with a new unique balloon concept that can give flight to ground units in Clash Royale.

This Balloon card will carry your ground troops to opponent towers

In the concept video shared by Reddit user u/MehmetSalihKoten, this “Air Balloon” card is seen deployed above a PEKKA just after the opponent deploys the Skeleton Army. Most players know that in this scenario, the army is just going to eat up the gigantic PEKKA.

However, in a turn of events, the Balloon picks up the PEKKA in a flash. Evading all the skeletons which were about to pounce on the mighty knight, the Balloon carries him all the way to the Crown Tower, where the unit demolished it in seconds.

Even though there weren’t many details on the fresh take on the Balloon card, the card designed for a mere 2 Elixir was supposed to be overkill. Can’t imagine the card having enough hitpoints to carry ground troops like Sparky, that would make it a must-have in many decks.

Reddit users react to the concept

As usual, the new concept received appreciation from the community, as the post garnered over 2.2K upvotes with a lot of positive comments while also having a few hilarious comments while discussing the possibilities of having this card in a future update.

reddit users react to balloon concept
Clash Royale Balloon flight concept (Image via Reddit)

This is not the first time people from Reddit have pitched unique concepts or videos. Back in May 2022, a fan reimagined a Clash Royale battle in the new Royal Arena scenery. Recently, a good formation concept for Royal Recruits was also a topic of discussion in the subreddit.

While we expect to see more such creative ideas on different platforms, it’ll be interesting to see if any of them would actually come into existence. As we move further, we will continue to think if such cards, ever introduced, might make a difference. The difference might be in terms of gameplay or proving a factor that was missing over the years.

What are your thoughts about this new Balloon giving flight to ground troops card concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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