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Dr. Disrespect goes up against iFerg in COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event

The Epic faceoff is finally happening!

Dr. Disrespect is a famous Internet Gaming celebrity who streams mostly on YouTube. It was all going good for gamers all around the world last year until Dr. Disrespect decided to live up to his name again on Twitter – disrespecting the mobile gaming community. Last year, Dr. Disrespect tweeted out against mobile gaming saying it’s not a serious thing and that obviously caused a lot of conflict between gamers online. This led to iFerg, one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players and YouTubers challenging Disrespect to a $100K 1v1 which eventually ended up not happening. But to the COD Mobile community’s delight, this year Activision has stepped in and has set up an esports event where these two players will face off each other in the COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event. This means that in his mobile gaming debut, Dr. Disrespect is going straight up for an epic clash against a COD Mobile pro player. Both the players went back and forth for a bit on Twitter, hyping up the event and teasing each other.

Dr. Disrespect looks all set to face iFerg in the 80’s Throwdown COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event

Tune in to the 80’s Throwdown COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event

This epic event which has been named 80’s Throwdown CoD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race will be taking place on May 24th, 2021 at 11 AM Pacific Time on the official Call of Duty Mobile Esports YouTube channel. Moreover, to make things a bit more exciting, the two eminent personalities will be on voice chat together so there is a great chance that there would be healthy banter between the two players.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event
Dr. Disrespect will be dropping into COD Mobile for the first time on May 24th, 2021

There would be two rounds in this epic event – One on tablet and the other one on PC through Gameloop Emulator. This should yield interesting results for iFerg since he has a bunch of experience on tablets while Dr. Disrespect is a PC player. So both of them have a territory to defend in this grand event. The player with the most kills in this Battle Royale Kill Race event will win the cattle. Moreover, both iFerg and Dr. Disrespect will be playing in different matches on different servers.

Mobile Gaming Community’s honour will be at stake in this epic event

A victory for iFerg in this event could mean a victory for the mobile gaming community as a whole. This is in consideration of how Dr. Disrespect has always been demeaning the mobile gaming community. On the other hand, a victory for Dr. Disrespect could mean a loss for the community unless the exciting course of this event changes his opinion of mobile gaming to something more positive. In a nutshell, there’s a lot at stake and anyone interested in watching this event can tune in at 11 AM PT on the COD Mobile esports youtube channel.

What are your thoughts on this epic 80’s Throwdown COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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