Ferg throws an open challenge of $100K to Dr Disrespect and the conversation is hilarious

Time for a 1v1 Showdown?

Dr. Disrespect is a famous Internet Gaming celebrity who streams mostly on YouTube. It was all going good for gamers all around the world yesterday until Dr. Disrespect decided to live up to his name again on Twitter – disrespecting the mobile gaming community. And this isn’t the first time that he’s unnerved the people who play on mobile. Last year, he took a jab at the mobile gamers by calling them “not the real gamers”. Though, he later apologized for the same and labeled it a “spur of the moment” incident. However, he repeated the same yesterday and tried to demean mobile gamers. However he got a very quick response from one of the most popular streamers of Call of Duty Mobile, Ferg, By his response, Ferg throws an open challenge to Dr.Disrespect of playing against him and things have taken an interesting turn since.

Dr Disrespect takes a jab at mobile gamers from a long time

What is the matter all about with Dr Disrespect?

Ferg throws open challenge to Dr Disrespect

Time and again Dr Disrespect calls out mobile gamers. Although there’s no reason known as to whether he really feels this way, or he just likes the attention, he does it every couple of months.

Just like that, yesterday, he posted yet another controversial tweet that provoked widespread anger from the gaming community, especially mobile gamers. This time, he went all out and decided to boast of his ultra-high-end gaming rig. A normal thing to do but it all went down the moment he mentioned mobile gaming. Readers were fast enough to realize that the tweet was drawing a comparison between the PC, Console Industry, and Mobile Gaming Industry. And things heated up quickly thereafter.

Ferg was quick to respond and threw a challenge to Dr Disrespect

Ferg throws open challenge to Dr Disrespect
Ferg throws an open challenge to Dr Disrespect

Things took an interesting turn when some of the well-known personalities, from the mobile gaming platform, took it upon themselves to express from the standpoint of the mobile players, in general. Out of them, Ferg, a popular YouTube streamer known for his Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Cyber Hunter content, was the first one to respond and even went onto challenging the Doctor to a 1v1 showdown. He added that Dr. Disrespect is free to use his expensive gaming rig and that he’ll be just using his mobile.

Other influencers joined into raging out on Dr Disrespect

The thread voiced a hilarious response as many other well-known influencers came down to replying with facts and figures, including Ryan Watt, a notable personality in the gaming industry and the current Head of Gaming at YouTube. He mocked how Nobru, a Free Fire content steamer is pulling off more views than Dr. Disrespect, just from his phone.

For those who don’t know, Free Fire is an extremely popular mobile game that also won the ‘Best Mobile Gaming E-Sports‘ title at the recently held E-Sports Awards, 2020. Following Ferg, another fellow young mobile gaming content steamer, Elijah Jackson (popularly known as Hawksnest) also raged upon Dr. Disrespect in his tweet regarding mobile gaming. He, as well, dropped a $10k on the line for a 1v1 challenge against him.

Twitteratti had mixed emotions

Public sentiment regarding the tweet is sort of mixed emotions flowing around. Some users find it funny how mobile gamers with their aim assist are challenging PC and Console players. While most people are clearly trying their level best to prove that the Mobile Gaming Industry is, in fact, no joke. Here are some tweets.

It will be a very exciting fight in the Mobile Gaming arena if Dr Disrespect accepts Ferg’s challenge. Although the chances of it happening are quite less. But who knows what happens in the future! Let’s wait and watch.

What are your thoughts on this topic as Ferg throws open challenge to Dr Disrespect? Let us know in the comment section below!

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