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Genshin Impact: Disappearance of Fischl might be related to the Chinese Voice Actor’s adultery

It has a deep reason

Li Yuantao was the Chinese voice actor for Genshin Impact Fischl’s familiar Oz. Many sources reported that he was accused of adultery and manipulating his fans for sexual favors a few months back. It was found that he was having a relationship with his fans, even during his marriage which lasted for only one month, and didn’t stop even after the divorce, leading the Genshin Impact fans in trouble both in real life as well as with Fischl.

Li Yuantao, Genshin Impact fischl voice actor
Li Yuantao

After this blew up, he was called out by a lot of people on his social media accounts, with not a single response from him. A fangirl was even on the verge of committing suicide after knowing his true nature. He was quite a famous voice actor, however, this scandal led to the cancellation of his contracts with many game companies and media houses.

Many companies including Mihoyo have assured that they will assess the situation, once the investigation is wrapped up they will act accordingly. One thing is for sure that the VA won’t have any future in the industry, as he was let go by a lot if not all the companies he had voice-acting contracts with. You can check this Reddit post for more specific information.

How was Fischl affected by all of this in genshin Impact

Fischl’s raven friend is Oz, who speaks for her on frequent occasions. Bringing Fischl in any event or story content will also require Oz’s voice, which as of now Mihoyo has yet to find a suitable replacement for Oz’s voice, hence the delay.

Whenever Fischl is mentioned by other characters in the game, she is always unavailable or off on an adventure. Fischl didn’t have her rerun on any limited banner for a very long time, in the upcoming months there is no event that will be focused on Mondstadt, so when will Fischl get an appearance again is a real deal.

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Jordan Bill

wow, this guy is a worm.


Now all of this completely makes sense.


So even China can’t escape from Me too stupidity


Here to comment about how “stupid” the Me Too movement was


what the hell is wrong with you


You will never experience what those girls went through. Of course you call it stupidity, sc*mbags

John Cena

My hero


Why did the moderator allow your comment to be posted, you rapist?

Last edited 2 years ago by Alice

Adultery aside (that ended in a divorce), he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation for his sexual endeavours as long as they were consentual between adults.. there is no foul play here .. unless there is more to the story..


some of the fans he did it with were minors

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