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Genshin Impact leaks: miHoYo plans to add 4 more regions in the next 4 years

Big plans coming up for Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact has recently released its 2.0 update, which many have considered as its biggest update yet. The update comes with the release of an all-new sprawling and beautiful region, called Inazuma. The update comes with all-new characters, stories, quests, and more. Inazuma has been received well by the Genshin Impact player base. Additionally, there have been leaks, miHoyo has plans to add 4 more regions in Genshin Impact. They have stated that this would take place in a period of 4 years.

Inazuma is the latest addition of the three nations, currently present as a playable region in Genshin Impact. Inazuma represents the land of eternity and electro just as Liyue is the land of contracts and geo, and Monstadt being the land of freedom and anemo. Other than the three there are still four announced main regions that are being developed by MiHoYo for Genshin Impact.

Complete list fo 7 regions in Genshin Impact

Currently, 3 regions are playable in-game. This includes the likes of Inazuma, Liyue and Monstadt. However, according to the in-game lore, there are a total of 7 nations with respective archons that guide and presided over them.

Genshin Impact leaks miHoYo plans add 4 regions
Inazuma region added in the 2.0 Update
  • Monstadt– Land of Freedom presided over the God of Anemo
  • Liyue– Land of Contracts presided over the God of Geo
  • Inazuma– Land of Eternity presided over the God of Electro
  • Sumeru– Land of Wisdom presided over the God of Dendro
  • Fontaine– Land of Justice presided over the God of Hydro
  • Natlan– Land of War presided over the God of Pyro
  • Snezhnaya– Land of ??? presided over the God of Cryo

So far, the released regions have been well received by Genshin Impact’s player base. Knowing this, one of the biggest questions of players is when will the remaining regions get released. This comes after experiencing the masterpiece of Inazuma. We will be taking you through the plans of miHoYo on the future releases of the remaining regions.

Genshin Impact leaks miHoYo plans add 4 regions
Current Teyvat Map (Image via miHoYo)

Current Teyvat Map (Genshin Impact 2.0)

miHoYo had held its GDC 2021 conference from the date of July 19th to July 24th, 2021. During this conference, miHoYo had released more information about the development process for Genshin Impact. One of these pieces of information or leaks includes miHoYo’s plans to add the remaining four regions of Genshin Impact. 

It has been announced that Sumeru, Fontaine, Natlan and Snezhnaya are the future continents to be added to Genshin Impact. Furthermore, the GDC 2021 panel has disclosed that all seven continents have been conceptualized early in development. The developer also suggests that some issues arose in developing the art style that would govern the appearance of the world. The developers also stated their goal on when all four remaining regions have been released, which will be in the next four years.

Current region line-up in Genshin Impact: miHoYo plans to add 4 more regions

With all the information that has been released so far, It is safe to assume miHoYo is planning on taking all of us on a 5-year journey with Genshin Impact that started last year. So far the feedback for the three released regions has been great. As new regions get released through time, the players can only hope that the trend in which Inazuma has set gets continued or even surpassed by the remaining regions.

Genshin Impact leaks plans add 4 regions
Genshin Impact leaks: miHoYo plans to add 4 more regions in 4 years (Image by Famitsu)

Genshin Impact’s success is an indication of how successful the journey that it has imparted in all of us so far. Enjoying the game to its utmost should always be the main goal of every player, and as the game progresses so should the community that fuels the game be too.

What is your opinion on the Genshin Impact leaks on the plans of miHoYo to add 4 more regions? Mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

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