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Genshin Impact fan creates a weapon resource pack for Minecraft

Be ready for an unofficial Minecraft x Genshin Impact crossover!

Genshin Impact no doubt is a very popular game of its respective genre and its huge and evergrowing community. Occasionally this vast community also comes up with addition game resources to add some spark and new additional content in the game to freshen up the base game, thus giving some new content to the community to play with. In a similar fashion user named Raycifer took things to another level as he introduced a couple of cooler and new weapons as part of his Genshin Impact resource pack for Minecraft on Reddit.

The modding community helps to keep the video games as relevant as possible

Recently user named Raycifer added new weapons to the game Minecraft as part of his new game resource pack for the game, which will add Genshin Impact’s weapons to the game. Interested fans can access the mods via Modrinth or Curseforge. The mod will see players getting access to Genshin Impact’s weapons in Minecraft, hence improvising the game’s experience.

There’s no doubt no game, no matter how famous, how graphically advanced for their time they might be, they can’t stay relevant forever. To overcome this hurdle users and even developers keep on releasing additional content for the game, to add new features and content to the game. Most of the time the new mods and resources added to the game are through unofficial user accounts.

Successful games always have a proper dedicated community and fanbase which regularly indulges in adding new content for freshening things up in the base game, for instance modding community for PC and console title Skyrim has been a major reason for the game’s relevancy even after 12 years of the game’s initial release, in a similar fashion Genshin Impact’s community is very active and keeps on trying on a regular basis to inject new and fresh content for the game or release interesting fan arts for the game to keep the fans engaged.

Genshin Impact Geo Characters
Image via HoYoverse

Fans were quick to appreciate the efforts and awarded the user with around 1.5k upvotes and various other rewards on the post.

Did you like the Genshin Impact additional fan-based resource pack for Minecraft? Do let us know in the comments below!

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