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Genshin Impact fan reimagines characters as Fire Emblem Sprites

Creativity at it's sparkling best!

Genshin Impact no doubt is a very popular game of its respective genre and its huge and evergrowing community has produced some of the great masterpieces in artwork for the game, recently one Reddit user named Zestyclose-Key1783 took things to another level as he posted a great fan art based on game characters made of Fire Emblem Sprites.

Genshin Impact has a very vast and equally creative gaming community

Fan pages of Genshin Impact have always been lively places to be, the community is massive and is equally creative and active as well by the looks of it. A Genshin Impact fan has drawn some well-known characters from the game as sprites from Fire Emblem. Characters like Candace, Dori, Tighnari, and Hu Tao, have interesting backstories for players to discover and can be accessed to explore the story-guided open world of Tevyat.

Genshin Impact has a massive community that is at least a million people strong, given how artistically b beautiful the game is, it is understandable that the players are just as creative as the game is. The game draws fans from all walks of life whether you are a full-time gamer or even a 9 to 5 serviceman, recently a University professor handed out a Genshin Impact-inspired homework for the students. This goes to show how big and diverse the Genshin Impact fanbase actually is.

Reddit user Zestyclose-Key1783 very cleverly posted a 50-player-based art that was based on Fire Emblem Sprites. The post was very relevant with the latest entry asĀ Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes in the game. The post was an instant hit on the Reddit fan page and amassed a total of 6.0K upvotes in 1 day.

The fans were quick to appreciate Zestyclose-Key1783’s hard work and passion. The first row contains well-known names like Aether, Lumine, Amber, Lisa, and Paimon, the travel companion, Raiden Shogun, another famous character in the game can also be seen in the fan art.

Genshin Impact more Geo Characters
Image via Reddit

The fan art however only shows version 3.0 characters, the most recent version 3.3 is not included in the fan art, talking about updates, the next update for the game is in the works and can be expected to be released very soon. The game however is a big hit because of which did receive many awards including Best Mobile Game at the 2021 Game Awards, GamingonPhone’s Best Ongoing Game of The Year in 2021, etc.

Did you like the Genshin Impact fan art based on Fire Emblem Sprites? Do let us know in the comments below!

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