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iFerg emerges victorious in COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race against Dr Disrespect

80's throwdown event faceoff victory for iFerg!

The faceoff in COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race between iFerg and Dr Disrespect has ended and iFerg has dominated it by a great margin. Dr Disrespect had once tweeted out against mobile gaming saying it’s not a serious thing. This had obviously caused a lot of conflict and feud between gamers online. This has led to iFerg, one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players and YouTubers challenging Disrespect to a $100K 1v1, which eventually ended up not happening. A few days ago, the Battle Royale Kill Race event was announced by Activision has who has set up an Esports event where these two players will face off each other in the COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race event.

All about the most kills

Honestly, not a lot of people were really expecting Dr Disrespect to win but iFerg had the burden of the reputation of mobile gaming on his back. The match was all about getting as many kills as possible in a solo battle royale. There were two 45 minute long rounds, one using tablets and the other using emulators. The two competitors played in separate lobbies in different servers but throughout, Ferg had dominated in the number of kills.

iFerg COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race
Final Scores in the COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race

Multiple rough patches for Doc

Dr Disrespect had a pretty rough start when he got killed in his first match, along with some control issues. Ferg had a similar fate in his first match getting taken out by a grenade but had more kills on the board. Adding to that, he also suffered some technical issues which set him back by a bit and thus, Dr Disrespect got a few extra minutes. But that didn’t matter, as Ferg returned and returned strong enough, building upon a lead which was very difficult for Dr Disrespect to overthrow.

Realization for Doc

Now, this wasn’t just about two players taking on each other in a video game feud. Let’s not forget that a tweet criticizing mobile games started this off and a victory for Ferg meant a victory for the platform. Dr Disrespect might not make a statement taking back what he’s said considering the persona he’s created for himself online but hopefully, he realizes the potential the platform has. At some point, he did say he enjoyed the experience and hopefully he meant it.

All that being said, in case you missed the event, you can check out the whole 80’s Throwdown Event including the audio commentary from Maven and RealBobbyPlays here.

What are your thoughts on iFerg dominating the COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race? Do you think it is a lesson for Doc? Let us know in the comment section below!

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