Minecraft player recreates the iconic Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey

Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t have any qualms about this.

We now have one more very creative build to add to our list of seriously impressive Minecraft creations and this time, it’s another game making its entry into Minecraft through a talented creator as a part of Super Mario Odessey’s Cap Kingdom has been recreated in the blocky open world game.

Creator Cap Kingdom in Minecraft has bigger plans

The surprising thing here is that the creator, a Reddit user who goes by Filqon on the forum isn’t stopping at this area of the game (which is called Bonneton) and has actually already built the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario movie in the game. Additionally, they also stated that they were going to do every single kingdom in order, and maybe even work on the Sub-Areas in each kingdom after that. We’ll see what happens!” 

And it doesn’t stop there! This user really wants to do it all and wants to add in fast transportation (or rather teleportation) with the help of command blocks. We also have a video with commentary and a timelapse from the creator outlining the process

This project is right in line with some really amazing ones we’ve already seen, and for those who haven’t, well check out Lord of the Rings’ Minas Morgul, Planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who, One Piece’s Onigashima region, Bloodborne’s Yharnam city, a battleship firing off during the Gulf war, the entire Milky Way galaxy and many others. 

What are your thoughts about the Minecraft fan’s creation of the Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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