Minecraft Guide: Where and how to mine Diamonds and Emeralds

time to mine some jewels!

Diamonds and Emerald are considered to be some of the most expensive ore in Minecraft. As these items are so valuable and rare to find there are some strategies that can be used or we can say utilize to gain these jewels. In this Minecraft guide, we are going to discuss how to find and where to mine diamonds and emeralds.

Minecraft Guide: How to mine Diamonds and Emeralds

1. Diamonds

Currently, diamonds are generated at Y levels from 5 to 12, which means that they are almost hidden underground. Most of you may choose to mine near level 10 or 11. Strip mining proves to be effective in these levels most of the time.

Diamond mining
Diamond mining

The updated part two of Minecraft Caves & cliffs, which respectively released soon will come up with a change in the set of diamond ore generation. With a major difference when this occurs, diamonds will insert generation at Y levels- 64 to 16 with most of the ore being at 59 levels.

Note: Most Diamonds are hidden within deep slate blocks or chunks of stone. Commonly happens in mine shafts or around lava pools that are close to bedrock levels.

2. Emeralds

While mining for emeralds ore you should look between Y levels from 4 to 31 in mountains biomes. They are not generated in groups so you are likely to find them as an individual.

Emerald mining
Emerald mining

Just like Diamonds, emerald ore will also change in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs part two. It will experience change as an extreme increase in mountain height. It will be found between a huge range of Y levels 32 and 320 commonly generated at 255.

Minecraft Guide: Where to find Diamonds and Emerald

1. Diamonds

As you know diamonds are precious so this task will be difficult but surely possible. Here to explain you in a better way process is been divided into two parts.

Part A : Creating an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe

  • To mine diamonds, you either need an iron or Diamond Pickaxe because without this you can’t proceed with other implements.

Note: – If you already have it shift to Part B

  1. Create a crafting table or a workbench and for that you need to place a block of wood in your crafting, then produce 4 wooden planks and put them in the crafting area again.
  2. Now it’s time to create a wooden pickaxe and for that you need to:
  3. Put 3 wooden planks in a horizontal line across the top 1|3 of the grid
  4. Then keep 2 sticks in a vertical line down the middle of grid         
  5. To create a stone pickaxe, take help of wooden pickaxe, then dig 4 blocks down until you find smooth stones. Mine 3 stones and keep in mind that you are still left with 2 sticks. Put in your crafting table;
  6.  3 cobblestones in a horizontal line across the top 1|3 of the grid
  7. And 2 sticks in a vertical line down to the middle of the grid          
  8. Get a furnace, that can also be found in NPC village or you cake make it by using 8 cobblestones and line it around the outside edges of crafting table.
  9. Start searching for iron ore with the help of your stone pickaxe to build an iron pickaxe. It’s usually found above sea level or in caves and remember you only need to mine 3 iron ore.
  10. By lining up in your crafting table make an iron pickaxe and for that get:
  11. 3 iron ingots in a horizontal line across the top 1|3 of the grid
  12. And 2 sticks in a vertical line down the middle of the grid.
Finding Diamonds
Finding Diamonds

Part B mining of Diamonds

  1. It’s possible to find diamonds without mining as sometimes they can be found above ground in naturally generated chests in villages or abandoned mine shafts but if you want to collect them in a huge amount it better to mine.
  2. Have some adequate supplies as lots of torches (more than 100), some food, an iron or diamond pickaxe and weapons and armor to be protected from mobs in cave.
  3. Diamonds can be found in layer 1 to 16, highest between 8 to 13 best is to go for level 12. In level 1- 10 Diamond ore blocks come in small veins.
  4. Make a staircase that goes down.
  5. After finding bedrock, dig around and find the 0 layer.
  6. Make a small room in layer 12 so that you can craft tools easily.
  7. Use a digging pattern as you want, to efficiently mine for diamonds.
  8. While mining try to use Fortune enchantment on your pickaxe.
  9.  Before mining dig around a diamond block so that if there is any chance of lava you can save your diamonds to fall into lava and get destroyed.

2. Emeralds

As Emeralds are rare ore you can use them to trade with villages as an exchange of good items.

Steps to be followed;

  1. Gather your resources like a full a set of iron tools and armor, torches, food, a water bucket and a sword. To speed up your process you may also carry some better items that you have and may help you in your journey. You can increase the number of emeralds you get per ore if you have any pickaxes with fortune.
  2. You will find emeralds only in mountains biome and that are fairly common so you don’t need to go very far.
  3. Locate a curve that leads downwards or dig a staircase. Possibly emeralds can be found anywhere from level 4 to 32 but level 11 is considered to be the best.

Remember: If you don’t want to fall in lava don’t dig straight down.

finding emeralds
Finding emeralds
  • You can also dig a straight line at Y level 11 or make branches or we can say little tunnels connected to main tunnels.
  • Find emeralds and collect it or keep finding for more, but be aware of lava.

Note: You can use blocks around emeralds to prevent them from falling in lava.

Did this guide help you to find and mine diamonds and emeralds in Minecraft? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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