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What the fans would love to see in the Genshin Impact anime adaptation

Fans expressed their desire for the open-world RPG!

There has been a lot of excitement in the community since HoYoverse just revealed during the 3.1 update that Genshin Impact will get its own anime adaptation, albeit there are still a lot of unsolved concerns. It has been announced that Ufotable, the Japanese animators behind Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero, God Eater, and others will be working on the project. Since the studio has a reputation for producing such high-quality animated shows over the past ten years, this announcement was generally positively received by the fans.

Fans have high expectations from the Genshin Impact anime adaptation

Fans are generally positive about the news of an anime adaptation of Genshin Impact as many have already seen the potential of Genshin’s lore to be portrayed in an anime adaptation. The in-game lore of Genshin Impact is a marvel to behold. It has a huge in-game world that interacts with each other and a huge backstory that is yet to be deep-dived into the game.

As the anime is supposed to be a prequel to the events happening in the game it will be very interesting to see the sides of Teyvat that people have yet to encounter.

Genshin Impact Teyvat Clay
Image via HoYoverse

A few fans have expressed their desire for the open-world RPG to continue using its in-game voice actors because they have become accustomed to the voices of the adored characters. It would be a smart idea to keep the voice actors out of the game because fans would be familiar with their voices.

It would be difficult to envision anyone other than Shun Horie as the voice of Aether in Japan, or Zach Aguilar in English. For some, character development has already taken at least two years. By using the game’s actors for the anime, Genshin Impact might avoid a lot of controversies.

Genshin Impact The Foolish Fatuus World Quest Guide and Tips cover
Image via HoYoverse

It might also be entertaining for players to be able to observe how different people behave in Inazuma versus Liyue. Viewing the various species of animals and other creatures that call these places home is, perhaps, one of the anime’s, would be best features. Some people would want to see the cute, mushroom-looking, Sumerian forest spirits known as the Aranara recreated in the animation style of Ufotable.

Although the manga for Genshin Impact isn’t as well known as the game, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to exposing lore and having lovely artwork.  As Lumine and Aether appear in the teaser trailer, it is assumed that the anime will take place during the events that lead to The Travelers entering Teyvat.

The manga gives its readers background on Diluc, Kaeya, and Vennessa by concentrating on a small number of distinct individuals. Some of those backstories could tie into the anime in fascinating ways, perhaps through flashbacks or in other ways that still have an impact on the story either directly or indirectly.

Final Thoughts

It appears that the standard for animation, world-building, storytelling, and character design is already very good.  It has been obvious for a while that Genshin Impact’s creator is aware of how well-liked its open-world game has done, and it always seemed more likely that the development team would be planning something to bring the world of Teyvat into a larger audience outside of gaming. It’s difficult to envision the program failing, especially if the creators take into account the aspects that viewers already adore and would like to see in the anime.

Seeing our favorite game in the anime scene is a huge thing for Genshin Impact fans. With big shoes to fill as the last notable video game anime adaptation is the highly awarded League of Legends, Arcane.  All we can really do is trust MiHoYo and Ufotable that they can deliver such a huge project that all the fans would love.

What are your thoughts about the anime adaptation of Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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