Are Mobile Games a part of our lives now

Gone those days when the kids eagerly waited to go outside and play. With the advancement of technology and accessibility to smart devices, the scene has been changed a lot over the past decade. During the early 2000s, when smartphones were not introduced, we mostly spent our leisure time playing outside, reading books or pursuing other hobbies. But now, are we still doing that? While a minority of those kids still go outside and play, the majority of us are now inclined towards technology. Although the scene for PC and Console but Mobile games have become a part of our lives.

Mobile Games now serves a variety of purposes

The best time killer

The sole purpose behind creating games was to entertain. However, now mobile games serve a variety of purposes and time killing is one of the most important ones. No matter where we are, in commute, in a restaurant waiting for food, in bed or maybe at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive, just get the phone out of the pocket and …


The portability feature of the smartphones has boosted the success the mobile games. It is gaming on the go. If we look at the PC or Console gaming then the places are limited where one can sit and play. However, if we see mobile games, do we really need a place? I guess not.

Price Factor

Once we are teens, all of us need a mobile phone. But not all of us can afford a PC or Console. Also, most of the mobile games are free to play and the games on the other platform games are paid. So even if someone is playing on the other platform, trying out mobile games do not hurt.

Social acceptance

Another reason that is becoming prominent these days is ‘social acceptance’. For example, if in a group of 5 people, 4 people play something and the 5th person do not play it, then it becomes a problem sometimes. Because in some conversations the 5th guy may feel left out. And sometimes, it happens that people start playing a game because they want to play it with their friends.

Rise of Mobile Esports

As the mobile started growing, the developers started exploring the esports market. With the big prize pool more and more mobile gamers are getting attracted. This, in turn, is helping in spreading mobile games. Nowadays even many universities are also started offering esports courses making the presence of esports market stronger. And many of the gamers are willing to take it as a career choice.

So what do you think about the current scenario? Do you agree that mobile games have become a part of our lives now? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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